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4 Ideal Environments for Transition Motorcycle Glasses

They say invention is born of necessity. Any time a person needs something bad enough, they are likely to start trying to invent a tool that fits the purpose. this is how eyeglasses were invented in the first place, to help the nearly 50% of the population with less than perfect eyes. Necessity is also the reason we have motorcycle glasses, a specialized variation of glasses made to be more aerodynamic and protective than normal pairs. As time goes on and our tools for innovation improve, we continue to invent more and more useful ways to wear prescription lenses both on and off of motorcycles.

One of the best improvements in the last few decades transition lenses which have been treated with a photochromatic coating that reacts to light. the coating is perfectly clear in normal indoor environments but darkens when exposed to the brighter sunlight. In other words, transition lenses can turn your normal motorcycle glasses into a self-changing pair of all-in-one glasses and shades.

While transition lenses are already useful enough for everyday glasses, allowing people to walk outside and back in without having to switch frames or implement clip-on shades, they’re even more useful as motorcycle glasses. When you’re out on the road with nothing between you and the open sky but your helmet and glasses, the light levels matter a lot. Whether the sun is out in full-force, hiding behind a cloud, or flickering as you drive between buildings or trees, you can’t count on the light to stay the same even over the course of a five-minute drive, much less a road trip.

If you’ve ever agonized over whether or not to wear the tinted motorcycle glasses or risk being blinded without them, then you’ll love the transition improvement. Here are the four best places to enjoy the new visual freedom of a great pair of motorcycle glasses with transition lenses.

1) In the Country, Under Trees

One of the most popular places to recreationally drive your motorcycle for a while is out in the country. Whether you have a cozy rural home or you like to drive out of the city on weekends to catch the fresh air and sunshine, you’ll often find yourself on long mostly empty highways lined with trees. The trees provide a pleasant sun cover and a cool shady area to drive in most of the time, but when the sun is angled just right, suddenly that tree cover becomes hell on your eyes.

Almost any driver will know what we’re talking about. The trees will effectively block the direct sunlight for a good five or ten minutes at a time, then suddenly the treetops are just a little too far apart and every two seconds there’s another blast of blinding sunbeam right in the eyes. If you’re wearing your shaded motorcycle glasses, the time spent under the trees could become dangerously dim but without them, you get eye pain. However, with transition lenses, it handles the switch for you right in the moment, faster than anyone could change glasses even if they weren’t driving a motorcycle.

2) In the City Threaded with Overpasses

Another similar situation happens when you’re driving in very urban environments. Where the freeways meet and the overpasses criss-cross each other, you never know where the sun is going to be. If you take the low-road and wind up driving underneath most of the overpasses, shades are not at all appropriate and you may have a hard time seeing with darkly tinted motorcycle glasses. However, there will also be long stretches of un-covered road and sometimes you’ll be on that high arching concrete path with other drivers below you. In these times, you need the shaded lenses in order to drive more safely in the blazing sunlight.

Whether you’re switching from mostly dark, to mostly light or actively driving beneath a sun flickering behind constant overpasses, you’ll be glad to have your transition motorcycle glasses. Each time you pass into the shadows, the lenses will clear so you can see the street lines, other cars, and city pedestrians clearly. Then, if you have to pass back into the sunlight, the lenses will shade to keep your eyes protected and able to track the traffic around you without that dangerous moment of sun-blindness.

3) In the Desert Between Nevada and New Mexico

If you like long road trips or are familiar with the area, you might know about the bizarre shadow situation that occurs when you’re driving through the desert. Between the huge occasional mountain-like formations and the odd effect of the clouds, you may find yourself driving under enormous darkly shaded shadows and then back out into the blazing dessert sunlight a dozen times over the length of a single empty highway. It’s so notorious that there are signs suggesting that you keep your lights on during the day because the shadows can get pretty dark.

In this environment, you absolutely want to have your trusty transition motorcycle glasses. Rather than having to stop every five or ten miles as the shadow situation changes to switch out your glasses, the transition lenses will smoothly and easily adjust to whatever light level you’re dealing with. The lenses will even adapt to partial shadow where you may still want some tint but not 100% making them even more flexible than normal sunglasses in this regard.

4) In the Mountains, Going Through Tunnels

The ideal driving situation for your transition motorcycle glasses happens if you enjoy driving the steep swooping mountain highways. Not only are you constantly changing your direction in relation to the sun, including whether or not a mountain is between you and it, but there are also the tunnels to think about. Roads in the mountains often lead through tunnels in order to achieve their desired path and these tunnels are always differently lit than the outside world. Some are dim and terrifying to drive into while your eyes are still dazzled by sunlight while others are brightly lit. No matter what kind of tunnel you drive into or how bright the sun is on the other side, transition motorcycle glasses will keep your vision clear and your eyes safe from both dark and light blinding.

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