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6 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Get Fitover Motorcycle Glasses

If you are a big fan of motorcycle riding, then you’re not alone. This time of year thousands of other cyclists will be joining you on the highways to take their bikes for a ride. Many people use their motorcycle just for pleasure riding, while others use them as an inexpensive way to get around town or commute to work. However, whatever you use your motorcycle for it’s important to think of eye safety when you ride. Wearing protective eyewear is a must if you’re going to be out on the road on your motorcycle. That brings us to the question of what to wear to protect your eyes.

If you already wear prescription glasses, be advised that these are not adequate to protect from the potential flying debris and so on during motorcycle riding. You will need some added coverage to ensure maximum safety. Regular glasses do not meet the safety standards for this type of activity.

For those who wear prescription glasses, you have essentially two options. You can use a pair of fitover motorcycle glasses that do what they say – fit over your prescription glasses, or you can have one pair of prescription motorcycle glasses. We recommend you opt for the latter. Prescription motorcycle glasses are durable, impact resistant, protects from UVA/UVB rays, and are attractive. Aside from that, we have several reasons you may not want to go with fitover glasses.

6 reasons not to get fitover motorcycle riding glasses but get prescription glasses instead

Awkward fit

Deciding to try a pair of fitover motorcycle glasses may sound like a good idea at first. However, first, you have to find a pair that will be large enough to fit over your current glasses. This may prove difficult depending on how large or small your prescription glasses are. If you do find a pair that works, you will soon discover these may fit awkwardly. The temple arms must overlap each other and one can easily get in the way of the other. They may rise up too high on your ears, which also can present a problem.

The other issue with the fit is the lenses. Most fitover style glasses are large to accommodate all prescription lens sizes, but this may be an awkward fit on your face. For those with a more narrow head or face, the large glasses can fit loosely. Overall, an awkward fit will make the experience less enjoyable.


In addition to fitting awkwardly, fitover motorcycle glasses are not as comfortable as a single prescription pair. When you think about it, who would want to wear two pair of glasses? You have the two temple arms resting on your ears, which can make the entire set feel bulky. The added pair of glasses is also heavier than just one pair and this can be quite uncomfortable. It’s also uncomfortable to have such large fitover lenses on top of your regular glasses. They tend to hang down below your eyes on your cheeks, which can feel uncomfortable.


Fitover motorcycle glasses are large, bulky, and boxy looking. A single pair of prescription glasses is much more streamlined, sleek, and attractive looking. Most people can see the other pair of glasses through the outer pair, which looks unusual and unattractive. With the many designs, styles, and colors of prescription glasses, you can find motorcycle riding ones that are attractive looking and desirable to wear. And we all are a lot more comfortable and happy if we feel our glasses are attractive and stylish.

Easy to forget

When it’s time to hop on the cycle and go for a cruise in the summer breeze, you’re ready to go right away. Likely you grab your keys and you’re out the door. You don’t want to take the time to grab another item. Trying to remember to hunt around for your fitover motorcycle glasses is one more thing to remember. Chances are you may forget about them as you dart out the door. This can slow thing down. No one wants to be delayed when it’s time for that Saturday afternoon ride or when it’s time to head out the door for work. Let’s face it, fitover motorcycle glasses can be easy to forget.


It’s not just that you may forget your fitover motorcycle glasses, but it’s inconvenient to always have to remember to grab them. Not only that but if you opt to go with fitover motorcycle glasses, then it’s one extra thing to clean, to maintain, and to care for. Who needs the extra work and inconvenience. Life is busy enough, right? Let’s face it, fitover motorcycle glasses just become one more thing that you have to remember not to lose or break either. That can be just as challenging for a lot of us.

May damage RX glasses

The problem with using fitover motorcycle glasses is that you will be placing them on and off over the top of your regular prescription glasses. As you do, there is a chance you may scratch your prescription glasses. Or when you go to take off the fitover glasses, you may accidentally grab both pairs of glasses and pull them both off together. This could cause them to bang together or you may drop them not realizing they are in your hands.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses: The Alternative to Fitover Glasses

The alternative to wearing the cumbersome fitover motorcycle glasses is to simply purchase a pair of prescription motorcycle riding glasses. These type of glasses come with all the safety features you need for safe riding and the prescription is built right into the lens. This means you won’t need an extra pair to put over your glasses. One pair will do the trick and give you crystal clear vision and superior protection all at the same time.

At Prescription Motorcycle Glasses, we carry a wide variety of prescription glasses designed specifically for those who love to ride their motorcycle. We offer glasses that maintain the highest qualities and standards of safety. Get in touch today and check out our vast catalog of motorcycle prescription glasses.

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