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8 Tips on Finding The Right Motorcycle Riding Glasses For You

Wearing motorcycle riding glasses is an important part of motorcycle riding when considering such factors as whether or not you will be doing any night riding, if your eyes are properly protected from the elements, and whether or not you have prescription glasses and need something when you are riding. Picking the right riding glasses can seem like a daunting task, particularity when you have never done it before. But in this post, we will go over eight tips to help you find the right motorcycle riding glasses.

  1. Ask Yourself How Long You Will Be Riding: If the majority of your motorcycle rides will be relatively short, you can look for motorcycle riding glasses that both protect your eyes from excess sweat and maintain good circulation. But if you plan to do a lot of long-distance riding, you will need to invest in a pair of motorcycle riding glasses that will offer a significant amount of protection from several different elements. You should consider various factors such as road and weather conditions as well as flying insects. For longer rides, look into motorcycle riding glasses that protect your eyes from all angles.
  2. Consider The Price Factor: Many riders will make the mistake of letting themselves be swayed by an appealing low price on motorcycle riding glasses. While it is important to have a budget set and a price in mind of how much you are willing to pay, you should also consider quality. Generally, when you invest in motorcycle riding glasses that cost a little bit more, you are getting a better quality that will last much longer than cheaper alternatives and that will offer greater protection while riding.
  3. Look For Glasses With UV Ray Protection: If you plan on doing a lot of riding during the daytime when the sun is shining brightly, you will definitely need some protection against UV rays. UV rays can contribute to significant vision problems if you do a lot of daytime riding long-term, but it is easy to protect your eyes from being damaged by investing in motorcycle riding glasses with a high percentage of UV ray protection. There are plenty of motorcycle riding glasses that offer protection against all elements including tough road conditions and harsh sunlight.
  4. Prioritize Performance Over Style: While you can easily find plenty of durable, high quality motorcycle riding glasses that offer great protection for your eyes and make you look great, it is important to not prioritize style over performance. You want to make sure that you are considering the quality of the glasses before you start thinking about the aesthetically pleasing elements. Make sure that you pick motorcycle riding glasses that are up to safety standards and will protect your eyes in all conditions.
  5. Think About The Frames: Wraparounds and motorcycle googles offer the most protection because they not only protect your eyes, but the area around your eyes. They also keep wind out, which usually further aggravates the eyes and compromises vision. However, one of the things you have to think about if you decide to invest in wraparounds or motorcycle glasses is ventilation. The problem with these types of protection is that they often cause the lenses to fog up.
  6. Don’t Forget About Lenses: Thinking about the lenses on your motorcycle riding glasses is just as important as thinking about the frames. One of the best options to consider is a pair of polarized motorcycle glasses. They offer several benefits including reducing eyestrain, cutting glare, providing a clear view of the road, and not shuttering easily. You can choose either dark or clear polarized motorcycle glasses. Obvious, darker polarized motorcycle glasses offer more protection from bright sunlight.
  7. Think About Night And Day Riding: If you plan on doing a lot of riding both at night and during the day, you should consider another factor that goes into picking motorcycle riding glasses with specific lenses. The answer to riders who plan on riding during the day and at night is choosing motorcycle riding glasses with transitional lenses. These lenses will darken when you are riding in the bright sunshine during the day and clear up once the sun goes away.
  8. Remember The Miscellaneous Factors: By now you can probably tell that there are multiple factors to consider when deciding on which pair of motorcycle riding glasses is right for you. A couple additional things to think about are the color of your riding lenses and whether or not they are scratch resistant. You always want to make sure that your motorcycle riding glasses offer protection against scratches as this will ensure you have better clarity and ability to see when riding. Scratch resistant lenses also maintain the longevity of your motorcycle riding glasses. As mentioned above, the color of your lenses is another important factor to consider. For example, when you invest in motorcycle riding glasses that have yellow lenses, you are actually able to see better at dusk, when it is raining, or during any other time of the day when there are low light conditions. If you live in a region that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, lenses that are tinted with yellow are the way to go.

Looking for more helpful advice on ways to find the best motorcycle riding glasses for your unique needs and riding conditions? Keep reading our blog posts or get a hold of our team today.

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