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9 of The Highest Quality Motorcycle Riding Glasses to Improve Your Ride

Purchasing the right pair of motorcycle riding glasses is an important investment for every dedicated rider. There’s nothing more inconvenient and dangerous than being on the wide open road without a pair of quality glasses to help you see optimally. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the top sunglasses to wear when riding. In this post, we will introduce nine exceptional sunglasses that might be exactly what you need to improve the quality and the safety of your motorcycle riding excursions.

  1. Wiley X Sleek Sunglasses: These Wiley X riding glasses are some of the most durable on the market. These motorcycle riding glasses can be worn with both full face and open helmets. They are anti-fog, scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and they come with UVA/UVB qualities to protect your eyes from the sun while riding and keeping visibility as clear as possible on the road. The glasses also come with a removable foam to keep dust and other debris from getting in your eyes while riding. These motorcycle riding sunglasses are designed for both men and women with different frame sizes to choose from.
  2. Wiley X Boss Sunglasses: Like Wiley X Sleek Sunglasses, the Wiley X Boss Sunglasses are designed to accommodate riders with both open face and full helmets. They also come with a removable foam to protect the eyes from a variety of elements and hazardous debris. The Wiley X Boss Sunglasses are made for high impact and high velocity standards, so they are one of the safest motorcycle riding glasses you could find. For optimum clarity and effortless visibility while on the road, Wiley X Boss Sunglasses are one of the best options out there.
  3. Wiley X Blink Sunglasses: One of the most appealing qualities about Wiley X Bling Sunglasses is that they are multi-functional and can be used for a variety of activities including tactical work, hunting, and of course, motorcycle riding. They are designed for all seasons and can brave all weather elements. They are lightweight, but extremely durable sunglasses designed to eliminate any tension. These motorcycle riding sunglasses protect eyes from the brightness of sunlight and are very comfortable to wear. They come with a seal and headband to ensure that they sit firmly on the face when riding. These glasses also come with transition lenses that are scratch-resistant. Lastly, they are designed with removable rubber and foam gaskets.
  4. Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses: These are some of the best motorcycle riding sunglasses for keeping dust, debris, wind, and back-light out of eyes while on the road. These ultra durable Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses come with a removable facial cavity that keep the eyes protected from debris and other outside elements. These glasses are most suitable for bright conditions while riding. They also accommodate prescription lenses. The lenses in the Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses are designed with polarized blue mirror multi-coat green color. These lenses help keep diminish glare and absorb any reflection.
  5. Wiley X Romer 3 Sunglasses: These scratch-resistant sunglasses are some of the most reliable riding glasses on the market. The coating on the lenses protects both your glasses and your eyes from harsh elements in various riding environments. They are also wraparound glasses designed to provide you with peripheral vision. Another attractive feature of these multi-purpose Wiley X Romer 3 Sunglasses is that they provide anti-fog properties to help you see clearly on foggy or cloudy days.
  6. Wiley X WX Echo Sunglasses in Black: These are some of the highest quality climate control sunglasses that make your journey easier by protecting your eyes from all of the elements. These sunglasses come with a removable facial cavity seal to keep excessive light out and put your eyes at greater ease during the ride. The Wiley X WX Echo Sunglasses from the climate control series also protect eyes from dry eye syndrome and eye strain while keeping vision sharp. If you are looking for motorcycle riding glasses that also come with scratch-resistant protection, anti-fog properties, and an anti-reflective coating, these high end glasses will do the trick.
  7. Wiley X WX Gravity Sunglasses : Not only are they sharp-looking, stylish sunglasses, they come with lots of important protective benefits to keep your eyes safe during the ride. You can ride at high speeds without having to worry about debris, wind, light, and dust. These motorcycle riding glasses, designed for high impact, also come with a removable facial cavity seal, shatterproof elements, and UV-ray protection.
  8. Wiley X Valor Polarized Crimson Black Two Tone Sunglasses: These outdoor activity sunglasses are designed to withstand hard impact and although they are appropriate for several purposes including military use and outdoor work, they are particularly useful for motorcycle riding. The Wiley X Valor Polarized Crimson Black Two Tone Sunglasses significantly reduce glare on long rides, meet ANSI impact standards, and provide complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays.
  9. Wiley X WX Rebel Polarized Sunglasses: These are an excellent choice for daytime riding. They are some of the best sunglasses on the market for reducing glare and peripheral light. The Wiley X WX Rebel Polarized Sunglasses are designed for extreme conditions and offer scratch-resistance, UVA/UVB ray protection, and non-slip comfort. These sunglasses also meet hard impact standards and will keep your eyes safe from the elements while on the road.

Curious about the many other high quality riding glasses with special features to protect you on your rides? Keep reading our other blog posts or reach out to us today to learn more

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