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Are You Ready To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Riding Glasses?

Motorcycle glasses will not only have an impact on comfort but they will also have an impact on your safety. However, many motorcycle riders will choose to wear motorcycle riding glasses that are a better fit for their other gear and not for the type of riding they will be doing. This is really not surprising because it can be difficult to understand all there is to know about motorcycle riding glasses.

We hope we will be able to help you select the best motorcycle eyewear for your riding needs.

What Type Of Riding Will You Be Doing?

It does not matter if you will be riding around the corner to the nearest convenience store of if you will be going on a longer ride; you are going to need glasses that will prevent the wind from getting behind your lenses. If the wind gets behind your lenses, your eyes will start to dry out easily. Also, if you do not have the proper glasses or any straps on your glasses, the glasses can easily fly off your face.

Wiley-X Riding Glasses

If you are looking for riding glasses that will protect your eyes from the wind, Wiley-X  offers a line of glasses that has an eyecup made of foam. Many Wiley-X glasses also come with a venting system that will determine the amount of air that will get through the vents. If too much circulation gets through the vents, your eyes will become dry. On the other hand, if your eyes do not get enough circulation, your eyes will suffocate.

You will find a variety of Wiley-X glasses online, and you will even find some fake ones. You will be able to easily determine the fake Wiley-X glasses because they will be significantly cheaper. If you do find glasses that are cheaper than you expected, you should pass on those.

If you cannot find any information on the glasses you are considering and if the price is too good to be true, you should move on to the next pair. You do not want to sacrifice your safety by purchasing a cheaper pair of riding glasses because you will likely find yourself holding a poor quality pair of glasses.

Do You Want To Go Fast?

If you are like the character Ricky Bobby and you like to go fast, you are going to need riding glasses that are designed for the speeds you like to ride. The frames you choose should wrap comfortably around your eyes.

If your frames are small, they may not give you the protection you need from sand, dust, and the wind. While they may do a good job of keeping those nasty bugs out of your eyes, you are still going to need wind protection.

The frames you choose should be able to withstand even the toughest impact. If your lenses are impact-resistant but your frames can easily break, the lenses will not do you any good because they will be broken into pieces on the ground.

Your Lenses

Your choice of lenses is extremely important when it comes to motorcycle riding. If you make the right choice, you can expect the following:

  • No more straining of the eyes
  • Better contrast
  • Faster reaction time

Your lenses should also do an excellent job of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays and any other hazards that may be in the air. UV rays can cause significant harm to your eyes. These rays can also cause various problems with your ocular lenses, so you want to do your part in protecting your eyes by wearing riding glasses.

You can find glasses with shatterproof lenses that will offer you great protection from rocks that are flying across the highway from other vehicles. You can also find glasses with polarized lenses that will protect your eyes from any glare on the road. It is important to protect your eyes from glare because if any small glare gets in the way of your vision, you can find yourself in an accident.

Here are some additional things you should consider when it is time to choose a lens type for your motorcycle riding glasses:

  • Do you want polarized lenses?
  • Do you want transition lenses?
  • What color do you want your lenses to be?

Does Lens Color Really Matter?

The answer is yes. The color of your lens is very important, especially when you want to improve the clarity of what you will see on the road. Many people will prefer that their lenses are any color with a copper shade because it does a great job of sharpening colors. However, if you want to see things in their true colors, you may want to consider a gray lens. If you plan to do some night riding, you may want to purchase another pair of riding glasses with a yellow lens color.

If you are a motorcycle rider, you have probably been searching all over the place for that right pair of glasses or goggles. If you are one of those riders who does not wear riding glasses or goggles, you should certainly consider it because you need to protect your vision, especially while riding.

With all of the features and safety requirements that you may need in a pair of motorcycle glasses, it can be hard to find that right pair. However, that does not mean you should stop looking. Are you ready to find that perfect pair of riding glasses?

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