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Care Tips for Your Wiley X Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Most motorcycle owners put a lot of care into their bike. From the polishing of the chrome to winterizing it if you live in frigid areas, motorcyclists are proud of their bike and it shows in the care they give it. If you’re like many motorcyclists, you also take care that you are protected adequately when riding your bike. Whether it’s a riding jacket or leather pants, protection is the way to ride safely. One such protective measure motorcyclists need to take is that of caring for their eyes while out riding. Cars and trucks tend to kick up dirt, gravel, stones, and dust when driving down the highway. All of this has the potential to injure or irritate your eyes while driving. When you’re out riding, you need to have the most accurate vision possible for safety. That’s why Wiley X is a recommended line of safety eyewear for motorcyclists. Their glasses feature:

  • ANSI’s high standards for eye protection,
  • Meets OSHA guidelines.
  • Some styles meet the military ballistic standards.
  • Light-filtering options for better clarity while driving.
  • Filter 8 polarized lenses for certain lines.
  • Shatter-proof lenses.
  • A wide range of colors for both the frames and the lenses.

Once you have your Wiley X glasses, you want to keep them looking in tip-top shape and increase their longevity. Here are several tips for general maintenance and care for your motorcycle glasses.

Cleaning tips for your prescription motorcycle glasses

Smudges, dirt, and dust can quickly accumulate on the lens of your glasses. You will want to take care to clean them regularly for the most optimal experience. Follow these steps to clean your glasses:

If you have a bottle of glasses cleaning solution that will work great, but it’s not necessary. A small drop of regular dish soap works just as well. Apply warm water and a bit of soap to a microfiber cloth or a thin, soft cotton item. Rub unto both lenses of the glasses until clean. Rinse in warm water, then dry with a similar type of cloth.

Care tips for your prescription motorcycle glasses

There are some things you should and should not do to help extend the life of your glasses. Here is a list of tips to guide you with maintaining your Wiley X eyewear.

  • Always make sure your lenses are wet when you wipe them. If you wipe the lenses when they’re dry, you may inadvertently rub a tiny rock into the lens. When you are out driving, minuscule particles of dirt get on your glasses and rubbing them dry with a cloth could potentially scratch the surface. Follow the cleaning tips above to eliminate the dirt.
  • Always use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth on your lenses. Do not use things with a rough texture such as paper towels, napkins, washcloths, or tissue paper. These rough textures are counterproductive to your cleaning efforts.
  • Always use either cleaning solution or dish soap on your lenses. Some people may think others solutions are just as good, but some have ingredients that may harm the coating on your lenses. Most good prescription glasses have an anti-reflective coating to keep the glare out of your eyes, but certain solutions such as vinegar, window spray, ammonia, and bleach can strip some of the coating off.
  • Don’t use your spit as a cleaning solution. This is not sanitary. In addition, saliva sometimes has oil in it, which is not going to remove dirt and grime from your lenses. It actually may be damaging.
  • You’ve probably seen people breathing on their lenses to clean them. They may fog up a bit and provide a small amount of moisture, but the American Optometric Association’s spokesperson does not recommend doing that. It’s just not adequate enough to clean them properly.
  • Take care where you put your glasses when they are not in use. People have a habit of laying their glasses down wherever they happen to be, but this could potentially damage them. Putting them down for a few minutes while you take a shower or wrestle with the kids is fine, but where and how you put them down is important. Make sure the lenses are face up when laying them down. If you put them face down, they can easily become scratched. Keep them away from places where other fluids, sprays, or cooking oils may splatter on them. It’s best to place your glasses in a protective case such as the one you get when you purchase Wiley X prescription glasses.
  • Be careful pulling your glasses off. Many people simply grab them from one side or the center and take them off with one hand. However, this has the tendency to pull them more to one side than the other, resulting in misaligned frames. Use two hands to remove your glasses holding one hand on each side.
  • Keep your glasses positioned properly on your face. Avoid shoving them up on top of your head. When you do this it stretches the frames out some and they won’t fit properly.

Investing in a pair of Wiley X motorcycle glasses is a wise decision. Enjoy the freedom of riding your bike with perfect visual clarity and the eye protection you desire. To get the most use out of your Wiley X eyewear, follow the general care and cleaning tips above. Keeping your motorcycle glasses in fantastic shape will give you many more years to enjoy Wiley X.

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