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Darkest Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses: The Transitions XTRActive

As a motorcycle rider, you will probably find a significant amount of joy in just being outside on your motorcycle, and this type of excitement and joy is something you will not be able to explain to your ingrained car driver friends. You love how the cool breeze hits your face and how you have so much control over your motorcycle. Riding your motorcycle can be a thrilling experience or you can just take your bike out for a calming ride through the country.

However, it will not matter how exciting and calming it is to ride your motorcycle, there are plenty of risks and dangers that can get in the way when you are on the road. Your motorcycle will be the smallest vehicle on the road, and this means you may have to take extra precautions that other drivers will not have to take. In addition to the other drivers on the road being a major risk to you, the environment you will be driving in will also be a risk.

You are aware of how to drive and what things to look for when the weather is cold, foggy, and wet. You take extra precautions when driving in these conditions so your vision will not be hindered by fogging or dim lighting. You are also aware of how to avoid hydroplaning your motorcycle, but are you also aware of how to prepare your motorcycle and your eyes in the sun?

Driving Under The Bright Lights

When you take a ride in the middle of the day when the sun is shining its brightest, everything will be perfectly illuminated by the big bright light in the sky. Since the bright light in the sky is beaming down and shining on everything, does this mean everything on the road will be as clear as crystal? No, it does not. For many people, the illumination from the sun makes it more difficult for them to see clearly. When riding a motorcycle, you may find the continuous glimmering from the sunlight and the shadows that form to be distracting and sometimes blinding.

For these reasons, it is not a surprise that many motorcycle riders will prefer to wear photochromic lenses. When you see commercials or advertisements for photochromic lenses, you have probably only seen people wearing them while they are walking around town or in and out of a building. Have you ever seen photochromic glasses being advertised by someone riding a motorcycle? These type of glasses are very useful and beneficial to people while they are driving. If you are riding under a bridge, driving during the day as the sun begins to rise or set, and transitioning through various types of roads and terrain, you will experience a variety of lighting.

One of the great things about photochromic lenses is that the color of the lenses will not just change on impulse while you are on your motorcycle. When wearing photochromic lenses, it will feel as if you are wearing two pairs of glasses when you will only be wearing one pair. You are getting a 2 for 1 deal when you wear photochromic motorcycle glasses. When the lighting is normal as it would be indoors, your lenses will remain clear.

As soon as you step outside or start to ride into direct sunlight or an area that is very bright, your photochromic motorcycle glasses will change colors. The lenses that were once a lighter color will turn into a darker color, and it will generally be a brown or gray color. This change in your lenses will keep out enough light to ensure your vision will not be obstructed.

When you begin to drive into an area that has a huge shadow that may make it difficult for you to see, you will have the protection of your photochromic lenses to back you up. Your photochromic motorcycle glasses will begin to clear up and your environment will now be illuminated just enough to see comfortably again. It will not matter where you plan to drive, your photochromic motorcycle glasses will give you the best protection and visibility you need.

Are Your Glasses Dark Enough?

All day your eyes will be hit by some sort of light, regardless if you like it or not. You are going to need a pair of photochromic motorcycle glasses that will jump right into action regardless of the lighting and the temperature. Transitions XTRActive are the darkest photochromic lenses available because they will provide you with comprehensive protection when your eyes are exposed to any type of lighting.

When you are outdoors, the Transitions XTRActive glasses are able to make the adjustment to a darker tint level than your regular lenses. When you are indoors, the Transitions XTRActives will be clear, but they will not be fully clear as the other transition lenses. Artificial light will have an impact on the darkening of the lens, but it will be just enough for a pleasant glare protection but it will not be so dark that your vision will be obstructed. Transitions XTRActive lenses are not impacted by the scorching weather that many of us have been experiencing. Transitions XTRActives do not need a significant amount of time to clear or darken; these glasses will spring into action right away, regardless of how hot it is outside.

What Should You Know About Transitions XTRActives?

  • They are the darkest lenses, even during the hottest days
  • Can block 100 percent of UVA rays and UVB rays
  • Can be activated behind a windshield, hat, helmet
  • They will have a comfortable touch of tint when you are indoors to protect your eyes from the bright indoor lights
  • Can work with the majority of frames and prescriptions
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, all day
  • There is a fast activation speed
  • There is a hint of tint when you are indoors

If you have been thinking about getting a pair of photochromic glasses for your motorcycle riding needs, you cannot go wrong with the darkest pair of photochromic motorcycle glasses, Transitions XTRActive. Don’t you think you owe it your eyes and yourself to enjoy a pair of motorcycle glasses that will cover all the concerns a rider has on the road?

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