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Darkest Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses

We know that people who wear eyeglasses are not all the same. There are so many differences among the uses of eyeglasses and the lifestyle of eyeglass wearers, and this will result in a variety of needs. Glasses are personal and everyone who wears glasses should be able to wear the pair of eyeglasses that will match their style and their personality.

Many people who wear eyeglasses spend a significant amount of time going between outdoors and indoors, and this means their eyes are constantly being exposed to sunlight and dark lighting. The mixture of eyeglasses and sunglasses may work for a short period of time, but you will eventually want to find something better.

Photochromic(or transitional) lenses have become one of the major advancements that have hit the eyewear market in the past few years. The darkest photochromic motorcycle glasses is the Transition XTRActive. As a motorcycle rider, you will spend a significant amount of time outdoors and you are going to need the best pair of motorcycle glasses. The transition XTRActive will offer you the extra darkness and the slight tint that you can appreciate.

Transition XTRActive Features

  • They are the darkest Transition lenses on the market, even during hot conditions
  • The lenses were designed with a different formulation of photochromic dyes
  • The Transition XTRActive lens dyes will have some tint
  • The lenses will get darker due to light activation; the lenses will start with a tint, but there will only be a slight tint to the lenses
  • The lenses will give you the visual comfort you have been looking for when you are outdoors
  • You will have significant protection against the harmful UV rays
  • The lenses will get darker when they come in contact with direct sunlight

Will Transition XTRActive Be A Great Fit For You?

Transition XTRActive will offer you a wider choice when it comes to transition lenses. If you prefer not to wear one of the other types of Transition lenses, such as the Transition VI lenses, you may be pleased with the Transition XTRActive lenses due to the following reasons:

  • The Transition XTRActive lenses are darker outdoors, regardless of the temperature
  • The Transition VI lenses do not have any tint indoors, but Transition XTRActive lenses do have a slight tint
  • Transition XTRActive lenses fade back slower than the Transition VI lenses
  • 100 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays will be blocked when you wear Transition XTRActive lenses
  • Transition lenses are available in a gray tint

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you will probably prefer the XTRActive lenses over the other transition lenses.

  • Will you spend a significant amount of time outdoors?
  • Will you spend time in warm weather?
  • Do you prefer to have a slight tint over a clear lens?
  • Do you prefer to have a darker tint outdoors?

Transition XTRActive Lenses and Hot Temperatures

As mentioned earlier, XTRActive lenses are the darkest lenses that Transitions has developed, especially in hot temperatures. XTRActive lenses can reach 90 percent tint when the temperature reaches 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The lenses can reach 80 percent tint when the temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transition XTRActive Lenses and Cold Temperatures

As with the variety of other Transition lenses, Transition XTRActive lenses are the darkest in cold temperatures. You can expect to have at least a 4 percent transmission of light when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Fade Back Speed of XTRActive Lenses

When the temperature reaches 73 degrees, after 15 minutes of activation, XTRActive lenses will generally fade back to 70 percent transmission in less than 20 minutes. This fade back speed is longer than the fade back speed of Transition VI lenses.

Transition XTRActive Lenses And Tint

Can XTRActive lenses have tint placed on them? Yes, you will be able to add tint to your XTRActive lenses. However, as mentioned earlier, the XTRActive lenses already have a slight tint to them because of the photochromic package that was created for these types of lenses. If you would like a darker tint, you may want to consider another pair of Transition lenses.

Is There A Certain Type Of Frame I Need?

No. There is no specific type of eyeglass frame that you will need for XTRActive lenses because they are available for a variety of frames that will be a great match for anyone who wears prescription lenses.

How Long Will The Glasses Last?

The life expectancy of your Transition XTRActive lenses will generally depend on the prescription you have been given. You can expect to experience a loss of performance over time, as with anything you own, you may not notice the loss of photochromic performance. Some eyeglass wearers will eventually purchase a new pair before they can even experience a change or decline in performance.

It is important that you take time to talk to your eye care professional so you will have a better understanding of XTRActive lenses and if they will be a goof fit for you. However, you are the only one who can make the final decision about choosing Transition XTRActive lenses for your motorcycle glasses.

These lenses can have a positive impact on your life in more ways than you can imagine. For the majority of your daily life, you will not feel the need to carry a pair of sunglasses with you. However, you may find that carrying a pair of sunglasses with you for some outdoor activities will be a good idea.

XTRActive lenses are “everyday” glasses and can be worn in most indoor situations and outdoor situations. We know someone like you will be able to appreciate photochromic motorcycle glasses because you will likely plan to spend a significant amount of your time outdoors, but there will be nothing with finding a pair of polarized sunglasses that you can pull out when you need them.

In the meantime, you can always learn more about XTRActive lenses online and compare the different types of Transition lenses. Are you ready to start wearing the darkest photochromic motorcycle glasses on the market?

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