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First Motorcycle? Make Your First Add-On Prescription Glasses

Once the will to ride hits you, it’s difficult to go back. Riding a motorcycle is an adrenaline-filled rush that provides plenty of fun along with its transportation possibilities. Forget about needing less space for your parking spot. The sheer joy of riding alone will turn you from a first-time motorcyclist to an enthusiast.

That’s why each year, people in the United States alone spend more than $6 billion on new riding equipment and gadgets. But when you buy your first motorcycle, where should you make your first investment?

The obvious answer seems to be protection. A helmet seems a natural choice. However, before even getting to that point, we suggest a more pragmatic add-on: think about prescription motorcycle glasses for your riding pleasure.

The Need for Prescription Glasses

When your eyesight worsens, you need prescription glasses. If you already use glasses or contacts on an everyday basis, you know the difference they can make. Suddenly, you can see clearly again in areas that seemed to be blurry. Over time, they become essential for tasks that range from reading to navigating traffic.

You might need prescription glasses without even knowing it. Our eyesight can deteriorate without our knowledge, because the process is so gradual that you don’t notice the moment it ‘clicks’. That’s why it makes sense to get your eyes checked regularly, in order to avoid missing the moment where sight aides become necessary for your everyday needs.

The Benefits of Prescription Glasses When Riding a Motorcycle

With the general need for prescription glasses established, it makes sense to examine more closely exactly why they are so crucial when riding a motorcycle. Put simply, the benefits are both functional and pleasure-oriented.

Enjoying a Better Ride

Let’s begin with the latter. When you ride a motorcycle, chances are you do so for more than just help in getting around. The freedom you experience on a motorcycle is unmatched by any other method of transportation. It leads to the above-mentioned adrenaline rush, which helps you enjoy every second you spend in the saddle.

Now, imagine that pleasure dimmed by an inability to see. Especially when you ride the countryside, you want to be able to enjoy the beautiful vistas as well as the side of the road. If you need a prescription, but don’t wear appropriate glasses while riding, you will miss out on these beautiful, incomparable situations.

The Safety of Prescription Glasses

And that’s before even considering the functional benefits of glasses. To stay safe while riding a motorcycle, you need to make sure that you can see exactly what’s going on around you. That ranges from recognizing cars coming towards you on the other side of the road early, to spotting deer or other animals starting to cross the road as you approach.

In fact, state laws require that your eyesight needs to be at least adequate to see what happens around you. Given the potential danger you place yourself in during any type of crash, making sure that you stay safe has to include making sure you wear the appropriate eye wear to protect you and allow you to see.

Why Think About Prescription Motorcycle Glasses First?

All of the above may seem like an obvious argument to you. So let’s get back to the original premise. Why do you need prescription glasses not just generally, but as your first purchase after buying a bicycle? The easy answer: because much of the rest depends on it.

Take, for example, your motorcycle helmet. Your first inclination may be to find a helmet that matches both your style and your safety needs. But what happens if that helmet does not adequately fit with your prescription glasses? Given that you can easily spend a few hundred dollars on the helmet itself, you want to avoid that scenario as much as possible.

Thinking about your prescription motorcycle glasses first helps you avoid that problem. Now, you can find all other equipment (including your helmet) that fits both the shape and the size of your glasses. As a result, you can avoid spending money on gadgets that may not actually be usable after your most important piece of safety equipment is in place.

Finding the Right Prescription Glasses For Your Riding Needs

Of course, understanding that you need prescription glasses when riding a motorcycle, and that you need them early, is only part of the equation. Now, you have to make sure that you actually find a pair of glasses that fits exactly what you are looking for. In looking for the right fit, consider these variables:

  • What type of glasses are you looking for?
  • Do you need sunglasses or regular glasses?
  • Do you have a specific brand preference?
  • What about your preferred color and style?
  • What is your price range and ideal budget?

With these variables in mind, you can go on the hunt for motorcycles that fit your exact needs. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference; as long as you make sure that you can get the right prescription, and know where to look for a great selection, you will find a pair of glasses that will allow you to ride freely.

Riding a motorcycle induces a feeling unlike much else. Of course, you do have to make sure that you can stay safe and see clearly in the process. Prescription motorcycle glasses can help you accomplish that fact, accomplishing a better riding experience in the process.

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