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Get Your Prescription Motorcycle Glasses with All the Perks

Heading out on the open road is an exhilarating experience, one you’re not likely to forget or leave behind once you’ve tried it. Riding a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable and fuel-efficient ways to get around both in rural and urban areas so it’s no wonder why so many people use a motorcycle as their personal vehicle of choice. However, for those who need vision correction, proper riding safety can be a serious challenge. While many people go through the hassle of putting on glasses and a full-face helmet, the truly savvy myopic riders wear prescription motorcycle glasses. Like normal motorcycle glasses, these are made of incredibly sturdy plastic in a sleek and protective wrap-around style that will keep the wind and road grit out of your eyes while you’re out on the highway. The only difference is that the lenses themselves are not simple plastic, they have instead been crafted to match your particular prescription.

Of course, if you’re going to go through the trouble of custom ordering yourself a pair of long-lasting prescription motorcycle glasses, this is different from simply picking up a pair at the store on your way through. You might as well take the time to order a really nice pair that will give you top performance, visual clarity, road convenience, and make you feel incredibly cool when you put them on. To do this, you’ll want to consider adding a few of your favorite glasses perks. With prescription motorcycle glasses, you can have almost anything.

Progressive Bifocals

If you wear bifocals but don’t want that line to show up in your new kickin’ motorcycle glasses or distract you while driving, you can always invest in progressive bifocals. These slightly shift the point of focus for your lenses based on the level you look through them. Just like bifocals, looking through the lower portion will make it easier to see things close up and the upper portion to see things further away, there is simply no line or definite stopping point. Progressive lenses are great for anyone who wants a bifocals or even trifocals upgrade.

Transition Shades

Another new form of lens magic is the transition shades treatment. This is a photo-reactive coating that responds to bright lights by darkening the lenses and to low-light by removing the shade. This allows your motorcycle glasses to transition, as the name suggests, between clear lenses and normal shades and is especially convenient for maintaining clear sight while riding in an urban area full of underpasses or a rural area with periodic cloud cover. It also saves you the trouble of switching to and from shades based on conditions, allowing you to have one pair of glasses instead of two.


The second most popular coating for all types of lenses, anti-reflective coating helps keep your glasses from throwing around unnecessary glare. This not only helps you to not blind your friends and fellow drivers with sunlight reflecting off your glasses, it also keeps reflections from bothering you on the inside of the lenses. With anti-reflective coating, if a sunbeam hits either side of your motorcycle glasses lens, it is more likely to diffuse rather than bouncing the light into your eye or someone else’s.

Blue Blocker

Are you an older motorcycle rider dealing with the risks of macular degeneration? Do you just want to avoid macular degeneration when you do finally get older? The blue light wavelength is the strongest of the visible light spectrum but that means it’s also the most likely to cause mild damage to aging eyes that are losing their ability to focus properly. Blue blocker lenses filter out much of this blue wavelength light making constant driving in the bright sunlight easier on your eyes and less likely to cause long-term damage.


Motorcycle glasses are likely to go through a lot. They will go with you everywhere, get stuffed into pockets, get stowed with your helmet, and possibly even dropped on occasion. Needless to say, you want them to be as damage-resistant as possible and anti-scratch coating is the perfect place to start. Scratch resistance will ensure that your nice pair of custom prescription motorcycle glasses don’t take too much damage from the adventures they’re sure to see.

UV Protection

Do you love to drive around in the sun for hours taking long, leisurely road trips on your motorcycle? Needless to say, you’re not alone but this does have a certain cost for your eyes. The more exposure they have to direct sunlight, the more they are being hit by UV rays. A UV protective coating will help keep those harmful rays out of your eyes and keep you safe from early cataract formation while you enjoy the open air and warm sunlight of all the nice days to go riding.


Probably one of the most useful and under-used coating options in the list, anti-fog will keep droplets of condensation from forming on your glasses in spite of the temperature differences or humidity levels you drive through. More than a convenience, this is an incredibly important safety feature for driving through fog, mist, temperature shifts, and even just warm muggy days where the moisture is likely to gather on your motorcycle glasses. With anti-fog, you can keep your vision clear even in bad or very humid weather.

Taking care of your prescription motorcycle glasses is no joke. Before completing your order, you should think carefully about the conditions you’ll be driving through, what you need from driving glasses, and how you’ll be storing your glasses when they’re not in use. The safer and cooler your prescription motorcycle glasses are, the better.

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