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Getting the Most Out of Your Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Serious riders know that eye protection is essential for safety and comfort on the road. But with changing conditions, finding prescription motorcycle riding glasses or goggles that meet all your needs on the road is a real challenge. Look for these advances in technology to find one pair of glasses that meets your needs, regardless of the wind and weather.

Foam Seals

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If you’ve ever thought about a trip across the American West, foam seal goggles or glasses are essential. The seals block out wind, debris, and dust from the dry environment. Prevent blurred vision from dry eyes, and avoid eye damage from sand and grit with foam seals. Foam provides a comfortable layer for long hours of riding. Look for open cell foam for the latest advances in technology. It provides maximum comfort while blocking out all dust and debris. Open cell foam is breathable for long hours on the road.

For maximum versatility, look for prescription motorcycle glasses with removable foam cups. Block out wind and dust as needed, but remove them when you’re wearing your glasses under a closed face helmet. Many companies now provide glasses with this option. Try several pairs to find the most comfortable fit for your face shape. You should see clearly and have a wide field of vision with the foam seals. Check for pinching or pressure to ensure a comfortable fit. Protect your eyes with these simple solutions and enjoy a dust-free ride!

Anti-Fog Lenses

Vision impairment from foggy lenses is a real hazard on the road. Make sure your lenses come with anti-fog protection to keep you safe in humid or rainy weather. Keep in mind that anti-fog protection is different from the anti-glare lenses commonly used to prevent eye strain for people who frequently use computers. Anti-fog lenses use a different type of technology to prevent dangerous driving conditions. It’s a must-have for prescription motorcycle riding glasses.

UV Protection

Motorcycle riders spend a lot of time in the sun, which damages your eyes over time. Prevent cataracts and some types of cancers with UV protection. These serious health problems could keep you off your bike long-term, so prevent them before they start with UV protective lenses. Check for lenses that protect against both types of harmful rays.

For even better protection against cataracts, get polarized lenses. These lenses have the additional benefit of reducing glare from the sun. If you drive through areas with lots of traffic or other reflective material, polarized lenses will help you stay safe and see the road clearly. They’ll also help when driving past lakes, rivers, and streams. Wherever you ride, polarized lenses are necessary for getting the most out of your prescription motorcycle riding glasses.

Shatterproof Lenses

No one wants to think about getting into a motorcycle accident, but when it comes to choosing lenses, it’s worth your consideration. Shatterproof lenses won’t break in an accident, protecting your eyes when they’re most vulnerable. They can also protect your eyes against rocks and other projectiles that are often kicked up on the road. Always choose shatterproof lenses to get the most out of your motorcycle riding glasses. If something does happen, shatterproof lenses could save you thousands in medical expenses.

Right Fit for Prescription

Because of the larger size of motorcycle riding glasses, choosing the right fit for your prescription is especially important. Talk to an expert about the lenses that are best for your prescription. Individuals with higher prescriptions may want to choose goggles instead of glasses to accommodate thicker, heavier lenses. It’s also essential to choose a pair of glasses that doesn’t slide around on your face. You’ll get the clearest vision near the center of the lens, so make sure your glasses will stay in one place while you ride. If you’re having problems, don’t be afraid to go back for a free adjustment to keep your vision perfectly clear.

Interchangeable Colored Lenses

For those who ride in variable conditions, interchangeable colored lenses might be the best option. Gray lenses show truer colors in sunny weather, but in low light conditions or rain, yellow lenses can provide better clarity. Other colored lenses optimize vision in special conditions. Many types of glasses have interchangeable colored lenses so you can choose the option that is best for you. Although it’s often a larger investment, these lenses can really help you to get the most out of a single pair of motorcycle riding glasses. Talk to a representative about whether this option is best for you. You should talk about the various ways in which you plan to use your glasses to see if this option is right for you.

With so many great options on the market, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your prescription motorcycle riding glasses. Look for these options to get lots of versatility and use out of your investment. With the right options, your glasses will keep you safe, prevent dangerous situations, and help you stay on the road. Whether you ride back and forth to work or make an annual long-haul trip, prescription motorcycle riding glasses are an important piece of your riding equipment. Expert technicians will create glasses that match perfectly with your prescription for a phenomenal riding experience. Don’t miss out on the safety features and better visibility of prescription motorcycle riding glasses. Visit our website to learn more about which glasses are right for you.

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