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How Not to Buy a Pair of Motorcycle Riding Glasses

When it comes to shopping for a high quality pair of motorcycle riding  glasses, you want to arm yourself with as much information on everything you should be looking for in order to get your money’s worth and ensure that you are getting the highest level of eye protection possible. However, although it is important to get as much information as you can on the various high quality eye wear options and the different safety features that they include, you also want to arm yourself with a basic understanding of what you should not be looking for as well as what you shouldn’t do when shopping for motorcycle riding glasses. When you know what you shouldn’t be looking for, you can do a better job of avoiding the wrong riding glasses. In this post, we will walk you through what not to do and what not to look for when shopping for protective eye wear.

  • Picking Ultra Cheap Shades: If you are like many people, you are probably looking for a high quality eye wear option that will last you for years, but will also be a solid economical choice. The good news is that you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a great pair of motorcycle riding glasses. You can find something really functional for a bit over a hundred dollars, however, there are some good quality options that are as low as $30. The trap you don’t want to fall into is finding a pair that seems “good enough” and buying it because you found them at the bargain price of ten dollars. Chances are that a pair of motorcycle riding glasses that low are not going to protect your eyes sufficiently and are made with cheap material that will break before you get enough use out of them. You won’t have any trouble finding great riding glasses at an affordable price, but keep in mind that the saying “you get what you pay for” applies to motorcycle riding glasses.
  • Buying Riding Glasses That Only Offer Style: Although you can easily find an endless array of super fashionable and edgy motorcycle riding glasses that come in all different styles, it would be a mistake to buy a pair of glasses simply for stylistic reasons. Firstly, it is necessary to find safety eye wear that is designed specifically for motorcycle riding or at the very least, outdoor activities where you will be exposed to extreme conditions. Make safety and adequate protection your first priority; then style can come after that. Look for riding glasses that are offered by well-known, reputable brands and are constructed with highly durable materials like polycarbonate. In addition to strong, yet flexible frames, the lenses of the riding eye wear you choose should offer special protective features like a shatterproof coating, anti-fog coating, and scratch-resistance.
  • Going for Riding Glasses That Don’t Have Enough Product Details: Take it as a big red flag if you go on an eye wear manufacturer’s website, browse their selection of eye wear available, and discover there is minimal or no product detail provided at all. The best brands understand the importance of providing prospective customers with as much information about the products as possible. Every pair of riding glasses you are considering buying should include a good amount of detail. For example, look for possible lenses that include a brief opening paragraph to summarize the purpose of the glasses and their special features. Secondly, there should be a solid list of bullet points that showcase all of the special features the glasses have to offer. Some examples of bullet point details you should find are frame material, frame style, lens material, lens specification, additional accessories that come with the purchase, and lens colors. In addition to plenty of detail, you only want to buy riding glasses that you have already seen pictures of. If there is only one picture providing only one angle of the glasses or the photos are grainy and unprofessional, you should definitely look at different eye wear options
  • Forgetting to Consider all of Your Options: Even if you only ride your motorcycle during the day and don’t plan to do any night riding, you still want to weigh all of your options as far as riding conditions go. Even if you have no intention of riding in poor conditions or when it is dark outside, it is almost a guarantee that you will inevitably get caught in the rain at some point; which means you need to be prepared for when that day comes. This includes having the right eye wear for all situations. Fortunately, there are many motorcycle riding glasses available that are built with an interchangeable lens system. If you anticipate riding in all weather conditions, you should opt for riding eye wear with multiple lenses. You can find an affordable pair of riding glasses that come with clear lenses for night riding, smoked lenses for bright, sunny conditions, and yellow lenses for cloudy, overcast conditions. Lastly, if you plan to do riding during the fall and winter seasons, you should look for eye wear designed for colder weather such as well-insulated goggles with anti-fog protection instead of summery sunglasses.

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