DEC 23

Improve Winter Riding With Foam Seal Goggles

Winter is coming on fast, and if you’re a biker living in a cold-weather area, that means all kinds of riding challenges. Slushy roads, icy roads, slick roads – not to mention that freezing wind that feels all the colder when you’re on your bike.

For many people, the biggest problem about riding in winter isn’t the temperature or bad road conditions, but eyesight. Protecting your eyes from the season’s harsh, cold air is imperative, but the sunglasses that many riders rely on during warmer months can’t be used in winter. So what can you do? If you plan on riding through the winter, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of foam seal goggles.

Foam seal goggles protect your eyes in two ways. First, they prevent fogging. Fogged lenses are a major problem on the road – after all, you can’t stop every few minutes to clean your lenses, and your obscured vision can lead to some big accidents. While there are some good anti-fogging products out there, they don’t always have long-lasting effects. The tight seal of correctly fitted foam goggles will prevent the condensation and moisture buildup that cause fogging in the first place.

A foam seal will also protect your eyes from the elements. The icy wind might find its way through a pair of ordinary motorcycle glasses, but with foam seal goggles you won’t have to worry. The seal will block out the cold air and keep your eyes from tearing up and drying out, making your ride safer and more comfortable.

You have enough challenges to face this winter; don’t let the wrong type of eye gear be one of them. Visit our website today to find the right pair of motorcycle goggles for you.

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