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Make Your List and Check It Twice- 5 Awesome Motorcycle Product Reviews To Help With Your Holiday Shopping

The holidays are quickly approaching, and chances are you are getting ready to make those shopping lists! If you have a motorcycle enthusiast on your list, check out these motorcycle product reviews to find gifts they are sure to love! Here are five awesome ideas:

1. Wiley X Sunglasses. These top-notch sunglasses are perfect for motorcyclists because they offer the protection of safety glasses plus they are available in a prescription. High index plastic and transition lenses make these shades perfect for anyone who loves to ride, but hates to wear their regular prescription glasses while they are on the road. 

2. GoPro Hero 4 Action Camera. Motorcyclists love the thrill of the ride, but most also appreciate the serene beauty of the open road. We all know you can’t very well ride and take pictures (not safely, anyway), and it’s a shame not to be able to capture some of those breathtaking moments that only happen during the ride. This advanced action camera makes a great gift for riders who want to catch some of the awesome moments on the road-12 MP photos, time-lapse video, high performance audio, and built-in WiFi are just some of the endless features.

3. Butler Motorcycle Maps. A paper map, you say? Who uses paper maps anymore? Relax – we’re not telling you to ditch the GPS or toss your smartphone in the trash. We just have to share how cool these waterproof, tear-resistant “retro” maps are for folks who aren’t surgically attached to their smartphones. The great thing about these maps is that they include elevations, GPS coordinates, and a fantastic rating system that shows you all the best routes. They even include high-tech links for your smartphone so you can find all the best stops along the way.

4. SENA Bluetooth Intercom Set. This top-of-the-line intercom set equipped with advanced noise control allows riders to communicate with one another or with their passengers with ease. They are fully compatible with smartphones and music players, and long-range sharing allows riders to share music with one another. A single charge provides up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of stand-by time. Mounting kits can be used with either full or open-face helmets.

5. Heated Riding Gear. If you know a rider who dreads winter because it means putting the bike in storage, this is the perfect gift. Heated gear allows avid riders to get out there in the chilly temperatures and enjoy a comfortable ride. These Harley Davidson jackets, gloves, pants, and vests all provide superior protection from the elements.

These gifts are sure to please the motorcyclist on your list. They’ll be well-protected with fantastic eyewear, capture amazing photos from their trips, find the best routes, have great conversations, and stay warm the whole time with these five must-have holiday gifts.

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