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Motorcycle riding glasses: An overview

Whether you’re cruising just down the street or across the country, having the right gear will make sure your trip is safe and comfortable. Motorcycle riding glasses are one piece of gear that you should carefully pick out, as they protect one of your most important senses – your vision!

So why are motorcycle riding glasses a necessity? Well, unless you have a full-face helmet, your face (and eyes) will be exposed to the elements. No matter how beautiful the day is, once you’re on a motorcycle picking up some speed, the elements are going to be intensified and your eyes are not going to be happy. No one wants to expose their delicate eyes to a scorching sun, icy winter breeze, or whipping wind! 

A simple solution to this problem is motorcycle riding glasses. Luckily, there are a variety of options. Let’s go over a few:

  • Wrap-around sunglasses. These are very similar in shape and form to regular sunglasses, just with a little extra coverage and durability to withstand the high speeds of motorcycle riding.
  • Full facial seal glasses. These glasses actually form a seal around your eyes; this prevents debris from the road or vehicles in front of you from having access to your eyes. These glasses give more coverage than the wrap-around sunglasses.
  • Weather specific. These glasses can be either wrap-around or full facial seal, but they come in many varieties that are specific to the weather conditions or time of day. If you do a lot of night riding, you can purchase glasses that are specifically designed to increase your vision in the dark. Similarly, there are glasses to decrease sun glare and increase your vision on cloudy days.

If you wear glasses or contacts and are looking for a motorcycle riding eyewear solution, or simply for more information on motorcycle riding glasses, please contact us!

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