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Motorcycle Riding Glasses for Spring 2016 Must Be More Than Fashionable

Have you ever thought about a tiny grain of salt? Now envision what it would look like if you had more than 20 million tons of it sitting outside. It would make a pretty imposing scene right? Well according to the Conservation Law Foundation’s latest figures, that’s at least how much ends up on America’s highways and byways. Of course that also means come springtime, it’s likely to fly on to your bike, clothes, skin and eyes.

Motorcycle riding glassesmay do nothing to protect your clothes but they will shield your eyes and face from road salt. It is typically a mix of ferrocyanide, chloride and sodium, which may cause irritation. And in some areas, it has been replaced by largely unproven alternatives, like cheese and pickle brine. Understandably, no one wants those substances in their eyes either.

Because there is truly no telling what variations of road salt will be out there on the roads this spring, we’d suggest buying motorcycle riding glasses that have chemical resistant lenses and durable frames. The resistance coatings will prevent the riding glasses’ lenses from degrading prematurely and the durable frames may be easily wiped clean after every ride.

Chemical resistance isn’t the only feature needed to protect riders’ eyes. Lenses that are abrasion and break resistant are a plus too. After all, road salt can cake and attach itself to other debris. Examples include crumbled asphalt, pebbles, sand and crumbled leaves. They can all harm the eyes as well as damage unprotected lenses and some areas of a person’s bike.

Finding motorcycle riding glasses that have those features and fit in with fashion predictions for this spring isn’t hard. Pantone® predicts grays, yellows, greens, blues and reds. You’ll find those color variations and safety features we’ve mentioned in our collection of motorcycle riding glasses today. To buy a pair before March, please contact us now.

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