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The Perfect Motorcycle Sunglasses For Small Faces

If you live to ride, then you don’t just need sunglasses for UV protection but to maintain your field of vision, keep your eyes from drying out, and for safety. You are looking for an option that has full-coverage, but if you have a narrow face you might be struggling to find a pair that fits. Here are the perfect motorcycle sunglasses for your small face.  

Can’t I Just Wear My Regular Motorcycle Sunglasses?

You may already have a few pair of sunglasses for driving in the car and daily wear, but when it comes to motorcycle riding these options are likely to fall short. The function is the top priority here, not style—but you can find motorcycle sunglasses that match your gear and meet your riding needs. Here are the key factors you are looking for in your riding glasses:

1.      Durable—you need to be able to drop your sunglasses without worry that they will break. Your lenses should also be scratch resistant, shatterproof, and impact resistant.  

2.      Snug Fit—you don’t want your glasses falling off when you ride so a snug fit is a must, but more of a challenge if you have a small or narrow face.

3.      UV Protection—aside from overall sun protection, you need glasses that ensure you have a full and clear line of vision when the sun is shining bright.

4.      Full Coverage—you need your lenses to wrap a bit on the sides, and angle close to your face. This will help to keep dirt and debris out of your eyes when you ride, without turning to unsightly riding goggles. Also, to keep your eyes from drying out when riding at high speeds.

5.      Designed For Riding—you should be shopping specifically for motorcycle sunglasses that are OSHA or ANSI safety approved.

Wiley X Gravity

The Wiley X Gravity motorcycle sunglasses are sleek, sexy, and functional. One thing that makes the Wiley brand particularly unique is that many of their riding glasses come with their patented Removal Facial Cavity Seal. This inner seal creates a snug fit for your narrow face and ensures that no wind, light, dust, or debris find its way in. These sunglasses are designed specifically for riding at high speeds but work for riding around town too. Invest in more than one pair of riding glasses with at least one dark and one light lens to ensure visibility on both overcast and sunny days. You can also order these with a prescription lens.

7Eye Diablo

7Eye has an impressive collection of riding glasses, many of which come with their signature Airsheild Technology. This is removable eye cup creates a 100% seal around your eyes. Since dry eyes become a problem when riding at high speeds the 7Eye Diablo is the perfect solution. The fitted shape of these motorcycle sunglasses will fit your narrow face, and the extendable arms that wrap a bit behind your ears create a comfortable and snug fit. It is recommended that when riding at high speeds you further secure your sunglasses with a strap or leash.

Bobster Roadmaster Convertible

What we love about the Bobster Roadmaster Convertible riding glasses is that they can be worn as both sunglasses without the removable foam padding and seal, or with the padding when you are riding. This might not be your choice for super high speeds but are perfect for riding around town. They also come standard with photochromic, polycarbonate lenses that automatically darken when exposed to sunlight—and lighten when you are indoors. You can order these with a prescription lens.

Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic Shocktube Motorcycle Sunglasses

If you love Oakley’s but have a small face your options are somewhat limited as many of their motorcycle glasses are an oversized rectangle that will fit too loose on your smaller face. However, Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic Shocktube Sunglasses will work for you. These are designed so that you can easily swap out the lens as needed, going from the terrain light to grey or black matte. Order as a standard safety riding glass, or with your prescription. There is no protective seal, but their signature three-point fit to ensure your glasses stay put. Remember, all sunglasses can be further fitted at your local eyeglass store.

Wiley X Spear

If you will be riding on rough terrain a more traditional riding goggle is a must. We like the Wiley X Spear because they are one of the coolest goggles we’ve ever seen—also one of the most durable with a ballistic safety rating. They provide a full seal but have symmetrical venting built-in so that your eyes don’t get too steamy. With a thick adjustable strap and flexible frame, they stay put and can fit both wide and narrow faces. Choose from a dark or clear lens and where these goggles when on your ATV, mountain bike, motorcycle, dirt bike, and more.

Here’s to safe riding without compromising your style! 

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