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Prescription Motorcycle Glasses Largest Complaints Customers Have

For anyone who wears prescription motorcycle glasses, we are sure there are a number of complaints that you may have about the glasses. One of the largest complaints that you may have is that the prescription motorcycle glasses are hurting your eyes. Many riders become increasingly frustrated with their glasses. Some other complaints that other motorcycle riders have about their prescription motorcycle glasses include the following:

  • improper fit
  • difficulty seeing from the glasses
  • eye strain
  • pain in the ears
  • nose irritation
  • frequent headaches and/or migraines

My Glasses Do The Slip And Slide On My Face

This is not an uncommon problem for those who wear prescription glasses, and this is usually due to your prescription motorcycle glasses having a frame that is worn out or a substandard frame-to-lens match in which the lenses in the glasses are too heavy for the chosen frame. In some cases, the frames on your motorcycle can be an improper match for your facial structure.

It is also important for you to remember that riding your motorcycle can result in an accumulation of sweat that will form on various areas of your face, including your nose, eyes, and ears. Some motorcycle riders find it beneficial to wear a strap on their glasses that will decrease their chances of slipping and sliding constantly. Increasing the support on your temple can also be a major help.

The frames of your motorcycle glasses can also be tightened or loosened so you can adjust them to match your comfort level, in addition to adding nose pads. Frames that are worn out and frames that are very delicate may need to be adjusted on a consistent basis. If you are constantly out in the sun, it is important to remember that your frames may stretch if they are too big for your face. There are times when it will be best to purchase a new fitted frame.

Your motorcycle glasses should not move easily. Regardless of the type of road conditions you are riding in, you should not have a problem with your glasses not staying on your face. However, you should not be wearing a pair of glasses that are so tight you have trouble riding because you are riding around in pain.

We all know our faces are not the same, so you should not just settle for motorcycle glasses that are not a perfect fit for your face. There are so many sizes, features, styles, and additions available to you that you will not need to settle. You will be sure to find a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses that will be perfect for you.

My Vision Is Blurred When I Look Through The Glasses

There are various reasons why your motorcycle glasses will slide in and out of position, and this is especially the case if your glasses are too heavy and too old. If your vision is blurred when you look through your prescription motorcycle glasses, blurred vision and strained eyes can also be the result of tiredness. It is important to make sure your current prescription is updated. The front portion of your eye has a propensity to dry out faster, and dryness can be a problem that many middle-aged adults face.

Sunlight Continues To Bother Me

If you are being bothered by reflective glare, you are not the only one. Reflective glare can be quite annoying and it can result in constant squinting. When you have to constantly squint, you will eventually find yourself being bothered with headaches. There are various sources of reflective glare, including water, road signs, windows, metal objects, etc. Polarized eyewear can get rid of the reflective glare and it will certainly be worth the addition. If you have constant headaches when you are surrounded by bright lights, you may want to make an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

The Night Glare Bothers Me

It is not uncommon to experience night glare, especially if you are nearsighted. Eliminating night glare or reducing night glare can be accomplished by doing the following:

  • Ensuring you have received an up-to-date eye exam
  • Ensuring your latest prescription is accurate
  • Use anti-glare coating on your lenses to ensure that reflections will be eliminated or reduced

We recommend adding an anti-glare or anti-reflecting coating with high-index lenses. You should be very cautious about adding this type of coating to your old lenses. If your old lenses have any type of scratches, marks, or any other defects, do not add this type of coating. A new pair of lenses with a new anti-glare coating will work magically. Before you go through any more steps, you should make sure you receive a full examination if you are bothered with glare problems

Prescription motorcycle glasses are vital when you are riding your motorcycle, and it will not matter how far your trip will be. Motorcycle glasses should always travel with you when you are planning to ride your motorcycle. You have to wear the glasses that will fit the way they were designed. If you do not wear them the way they were intended, you can put a significant amount of pressure on your face, your forehead, and your eyes, and this will make it extremely uncomfortable for you while you are riding.

Riders generally wear their motorcycle glasses incorrectly as soon as they begin to feel painful or uncomfortable in any way. If your glasses are too uncomfortable that you are constantly wearing them improperly because it feels better, we encourage you to begin looking for a new pair of motorcycle glasses that will not irritate you.

If your prescription is too weak or too strong, if you have to strain your eyes to see, and if you have constant headaches, you will not be able to see the road clearly. If you cannot remember the last time you had an eye exam, we encourage you to make an appointment today. Your prescription may not be current. Are you ready to ensure your prescription motorcycle glasses are not causing more damage to your eyes?

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