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Prescription Motorcyle Glasses and the Many Choices (Including High-Definition)

Prescription motorcycle glasses are an excellent option for those who ride but also need to be able to see better. You might have heard that prescription motorcycle glasses are available but did you know that there are many lens types available, even high-definition? Here are some of the lens options that make riding a motorcycle better.

Single Vision Lenses

These lenses are traditional used by those who are under the age of 40 and only need to correct near or far distance, not both.

Bifocal Lenses

You’ve most likely heard all about bifocal lenses but just in case you are not sure about them, these lenses separate far distances and up-close reading. This is done with a thin line that separates the two portions of the lens and they are also sometimes called Flat Top lenses or FT lenses.

Progressive Lenses

This type of lenses are are sometimes known as no-line bifocals because simply put, they do not have a line between the distance and reading portion and work for distance vision, near, and intermediate – three prescriptions in one lens.

High-Definition Lenses

Freeform digitally customized lenses are the wave of the future. These lenses are created with a digitally manufactured process and it is similar to how you see high-definition televisions. It uses a computer to create the design and customize it for your own prescription. What is an extra bonus is that these lenses are surfaced on the inside, close to the eyes. What this means for you is that it increases peripheral vision which is perfect for those who ride motorcycles.

There are also plenty of lens material choices so that you get the perfect glasses for your individual needs.


Why these are an excellent choice for motorcyclists is that they are the highest impact resistance material available. They are over a third the thickness required by ANSI safety standards yet they are thinner and lighter than traditional lenses made of plastic.


Trivex is a brand name of material that provides the most clear and crisp vision possible. They’re very scientifically advanced and provides a quality vision that is ideal for reading, working, and most definitely, riding a motorcycle. These are also very lightweight which also makes them an ideal choice for motorcycle riding comfort. Like polycarbonate, Trivex is also very high impact resistant so they are thin and light but still protect the eyes against impact damage.

High Index Lenses

High index lenses are those that are for people with very high prescriptions who do not want a heavy, thick, magnified eyeglass style. These lenses are lightweight, thinner, and they do not magnify the eye like the old style of glass eyeglasses. Instead of a “coke bottle” look, the style is more natural and won’t designate you as someone who has a strong prescription.

There are also types of coatings for the lenses that helps you see better while being protected against things like UV rays.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses make the vision more clear and controls glare and reflections. These also protect the wearer from ultraviolet rays that can damage the eyes.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are something you may be familiar with. These are lenses that change color depending on the light or lack of light that you are exposed to. If you are inside of a store and step outside into bright sunlight, they will automatically darken and vice versa. These make it easier to wear glasses all day without changing to sunglasses or having to have an extra pair.

Motorcycle riders have a myriad of choices in lenses, materials, and coatings which make riding easier and safer.

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