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Protect Yourself and Others With Prescription Motorcyle Glasses

 Prescription motorcyle glasses don’t get nearly the amount of attention that they should. After all, in most cases it’s your eyes that are your first defense against motorcycle-related accidents. You can’t avoid hazards that you can’t see, and if you’re distracted by things like eyestrain or glare, you won’t be able to be on top of your driving. Here are just a few ways that prescription motorcycle glasses will help make you a safer driver:

  • Sharper Vision

Wearing street lenses on your bike is certainly not a good idea, but neither is ditching your glasses altogether. Good vision is imperative for safe driving, and you’ll want your best vision possible when you’re on your bike. Road hazards, distracted drivers, and obstacles on the street can all be avoided with alertness and good vision.

  • Better Comfort

A good pair of prescription motorcycle glasses won’t only improve your vision; with a comfortable frame made for motorcycle use, you can improve the length and comfort of your ride as well. A good frame should wrap around your eyes, protecting you from high-speed winds and debris. Motorcycle glasses have to meet certain specifications, and many brands offer special features – like foam eye-cups – made specifically for road conditions faced by motorcyclists.

  • Better Protection

The main reason you don’t want to wear your street glasses on a ride is because your regular lenses simply won’t stand up to any impact they might encounter on the road. Motorcycle lenses are made from shatter-proof materials like Trivex and Polycarbonate – materials that will not only protect your eyes in case of an accident, but will shield you from debris on the road as well.

If you don’t already have prescription motorcycle glasses, now’s the time to make the investment. Not only will you be protecting yourself from injury and accidents, but you’ll keep everyone who shares the road with you safe as well.

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