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Start the New Year Right With New Safety Eyewear

Safety glasses and goggles don’t last forever. Unfortunately, far too many people ignore this fact and continue wearing their motorcycle eyewear long after it should be replaced. Scratches, scuffs, loose arms, and stretched-out bands are all causes for concern that often go unnoticed or at least pushed to the back of the user’s mind. Clearly this is unsafe, yet millions of riders do it every day, telling themselves they will replace the glasses or goggles “tomorrow” but never actually doing so.  

One great way to avoid this issue is by setting a date each year on which your motorcycle eyewear is replaced. By setting an appointment for yourself to do this, you can ensure it isn’t forgotten and actually block out time for it in your schedule. Not sure what date to set for yourself? Why not make it New Year’s Day? This is a date that is easy to remember and for most Americans it is a holiday, meaning work won’t get in the way of choosing your new safety eyewear.

After deciding to replace your glasses each January 1st, put the appointment in your calendar for 2018 and 2019. Set a reminder on your phone and schedule a specific time to sit down and do it. When shopping for your eyewear, do it from the comfort of your home by shopping online. This allows you to sip cocoa as you browse the many fantastic options, making your motorcycle glasses replacement a fun and cozy tradition you will actually come to look forward to.

Of course, purchasing new glasses or goggles is going to require a bit of decision making. Do you want the same thing you have already, or do you want to change it up a bit? Most people opt for change, meaning they will need to do some research before making their purchase. Here are some things to consider before you invest in your nifty New Year’s gift to yourself and your eyes.

Glasses or Goggles

The first decision you need to make is whether you’d like to have glasses or goggles. Glasses are great for versatility. However, they are not the best option for blocking out wind and debris. Meanwhile, goggles are not always the most stylish option, but they do a fabulous job protecting your eyes from anything that could be flying through the air.

No matter what you choose, a new set of eyewear will be better than an old, worn-out set.

Lens Material

There are a few choices when it comes to the material your lenses are made of. Glass, acrylic plastic, CR-39 plastic, and polycarbonate plastic are all options, and each has its ups and downs. For instance, glass provides crystal clear vision but shatters easily. Meanwhile, polycarbonate plastic is the lightest, but is also more expensive than other options. Acrylic plastic is the cheapest and suitable for occasional use only, and CR-39 plastic is a bit heavier than polycarbonate plastic but is exceedingly strong.

Lens Coating

As if deciding which type of lens material to use wasn’t enough, you must then choose a coating for your lenses. There are numerous kinds of coatings available, and just like the lens materials, they all have pros and cons. Some of our favorite options include polarized lenses for those who ride in wet conditions, mirror lens coatings for those who ride in bright sunshine often, and transition lenses for people who would like to use their riding glasses as everyday eyewear.

Lens Tint

A final lens option to consider is the tint. The tint of your lenses can have a profound effect on how you see in various situations and should be considered carefully. Brown, gray, and rose-tinted glasses and goggles are best for daytime conditions, while yellow is ideal for low-light situations such as night rides. If you need a tint that works no matter what, try a green color.


Of course, if you require vision correction, you will need to decide whether or not to order prescription motorcycle eyewear. The best way to make this decision is to consider your typical daily eyewear. Do you usually wear contacts, or are eyeglasses the norm for you? Those who wear contacts can simply put their motorcycle glasses on while wearing their contacts. However, those who tend to wear glasses will either need to order prescription motorcycle eyewear or choose a style that will fit over their glasses.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to motorcycle glasses and goggles. For this reason, many people find it best to order 3 or 4 sets of eyewear in order to ensure they have something for every occasion. For instance: A person who rides frequently in sunny conditions but has also been known to ride when it’s rainy and dark out might need to purchase a pair of glasses for each set of conditions. Meanwhile, a person who requires prescription eyewear might want to own one pair of goggles for the days they wear contacts and a second set for the days when glasses are their eyewear of choice.

By considering these things carefully now, you will be well prepared for your annual motorcycle eyewear purchase when New Year’s Day rolls around. This bit of preparation will make the process go much more smoothly, ensuring you have fun with your new tradition.

Looking for a place to order your New Year’s Day motorcycle glasses or goggles? Consider looking around right here on our site. We have plenty of options to choose from and would love to help you find the perfect eyewear for your bike rides.

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