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The 5 Hottest Wiley X Glasses For Summer Motorcycle Riding

With the heat out in full force, especially for bikers who live in humid climates, it is important to have the right gear that not only makes you look and feel good, but protects you from the sun on the road. Obviously this includes protective, padded gear that doesn’t overheat you, but it also includes eye wear the shields your eyes from the glaring sunshine and improves the safety of your ride. If you are looking for a hot new pair of motorcycle riding glasses, check out these five Wiley X glasses that are perfect for summer riding.

  1. Wiley X Brick Sunglasses With Light Adjusting Lenses: These Wiley X Brick Sunglasses are designed for optimum wearing flexibility and the ability to keep strong winds out of the eye area. These features make the eye wear ideal for quick, seamless changes and keeping strong, potentially dangerous winds out of the rider’s eyes while on the road. Other appealing features of the sleek, black sunglasses include climate control, a removable facial cavity designed to keep dirt, insects, and other debris out of the eyes, and aerodynamic frame cuts (that can be used both with and without a cavity seal). These glasses exceed the ANSi Z87.1-2010 high velocity impact standards and OSHA standards. The added perk of these durable lenses is that they are compatible with prescriptions for anyone who needs corrective lenses built into the glasses. Riders will also enjoy better peripheral vision thanks to the orbit design of the glasses and the smoke grey lenses transition according to the brightness of the sun.
  2. Wiley X SG-1 V-Cut (Advanced Ventilation) Goggles: The versatile motorcycle riding glassescome in two lens shades including clear and smoke gray. The smoke grey lenses are ideal for sunny riding and successfully reduce glare and improve clarity during extremely bright conditions. And the clear lenses accommodate riding conditions that are overcast or hazy or for riding that happens at dusk or dawn. These goggles exceed the ANSi Z87.1-2010 standards for high velocity impact as well as OSHA standards. The matte black frame paired with either the clear or smokey grey lenses make these goggles the perfect blend of chic and edgy. The goggles can also accommodate different prescription for riders who require a corrective lens and the durable lenses meet the military’s stringent MIL-DTL-43511D and MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic standards. The frames of the goggles are incredibly sturdy, yet made with such a lightweight material that the rider can hardly feel them even after long hours of wearing them.
  3. Wiley X Gravity Sunglasses With Polarized Yellow Lenses: The frames of these unisex riding glasses are made with a sturdy, yet comfortable triliod nylon material and the lenses are constructed of strong selenite polycarbonate material. The glasses come with a complimentary microfiber cleaning cloth, black casing, and a leash chord that comes with rubberized temple grips. The glasses come with a facial cavity eye seal that can be easily and quickly removed at any time. The eye seal is designed to keep outside elements from getting in the eye area and protecting the eyes from dirt, debris, insects, and strong winds. These motorcycle riding glasses are part of the Wiley X Climate Control Series and they are constructed with an aerodynamic frame to significantly minimize the effect of strong winds on the eyes. The lenses are green with multiple coats and a polarized blue mirror that acts to reduce glare, absorb reflection, and provide the optimum riding experience in bright conditions. The lenses also offer 100% ultra violet protection, thus enhancing greater contrast and clarity. Like the other trendy Wiley X glasses on this list, this eye wear caters to riders in need of a custom prescription lens, whether that is single vision, double vision, or bifocal lenses.
  4. Wiley X WX Peak Matte Black Frame with Blue Mirror Lens Sunglasses: Fewer eye wear options are as sleek and weightless at these Wiley X sunglasses. The lenses are shatterproof and scratch-resistant and designed to keep out 100% of harmful UV rays. The frames come with a non-slip grip and the lenses add a hint of flare when riding. These sunglasses meet and exceed the OSHA standards for protection and they are ANSi Z87.1 high impact and optical performance certified. Because the green coated lenses come with a blue mirror lens, these riding glasses do a superb job of minimizing glare and the harsh effects of bright conditions.
  5. Wiley X Valor Matte Black Frame Changeable Sunglasses: One of the great perks of these sunglasses is that they come with three lenses that can be easily swapped out for unique riding conditions. The clear lenses work to add greater precision, clarity, and light transmission when riding in overcast environments or at dusk or dawn. The smoke gray lenses combat glare from the sunlight and ensure the colors are not distorted while riding. And the light rust lens filters aid vision while riding in low-light conditions, thanks to the blue light waves in the lenses. The lenses and frames are so durable that they exceed the military’s stringent MIL-DTL-43511D and MIL-PRF-31013. They also exceed the high velocity impact safety and optical standards set forth by ANSi Z87.1-2003. Lastly, these frames, approved by ANSI, can be built with a customer prescription for riders who wear a corrective lens.

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