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The Best Motorcycle Sunglasses for Small Faces

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most freeing, exhilarating things that any of us can do. Feeling the sun and wind on your face as you are riding down your favorite road can almost lead to a meditative state. By browsing our collection, we are confident that you will find a pair of motorcycle sunglasses for small faces that best suit you.

When riding your motorcycle, however, it is absolutely critical to invest in tools that can make your ride safe and comfortable. One of those tools is a pair of handy and sturdy motorcycle sunglasses. Unlike other types of motorcycle glasses, motorcycle sunglasses are designed to provide you with the utmost protection while you are riding your bike. They can protect your eyes not only from the sun but from flying debris that you encounter on the road.

Having said this, not all motorcycle sunglasses are created equal. You may have a smaller face and may worry whether motorcycle sunglasses will be secure on your face when you are traveling at high speeds. This is obviously important, as the worst thing that could happen is that you purchase an awesome pair of motorcycle glasses that suddenly fall off your face when you are riding your motorcycle.

At Rx-Safety, we have an extensive collection of motorcycle glasses—even for customers who have smaller faces. However, in this article, we wanted to highlight several pairs of motorcycle glasses that are great options for customers with small faces.

Motorcycle Sunglasses for Small Faces: Several Attractive Options

To start, we want to highlight the Wiley X P-17 frame. If you haven’t yet heard of Wiley X, it is one of the world’s most renowned brands in eyewear. It primarily designs sunglasses that can be used in law enforcement, harsh work environments, and outdoor activities.

The Wiley X P-17 frame is a great option for motorcyclists who have smaller faces. Along with this, the P-17 contains several key features for wearers. It is ANSI Z.87.2 approved, meaning that you can be confident that these motorcycle sunglasses offer your eyes the maximum protection. The frame also contains non-slip rubberized temples and a comfortable nose piece to add additional stability.

Many of the Wiley X frames come in darker colors and this frame is the same. The frame itself comes in colors like matte black, gloss black and gloss demi, while you can find polarized lenses in colors like smoke green and emerald mirror.

Along with the Wiley X P-17 model, you may also be interested in the Wiley X Vapor line. Compared to the Wiley X P-17, the Vapor line has a slightly different look. That said, these motorcycle sunglasses retain and exemplify Wiley X’s commitment to quality.

These motorcycle sunglasses can not only fit small faces but provide Wrapback 90-degree lens technology so that you can see all around you when riding your motorcycle.

The Vapor line—like many other Wiley X sunglasses—contains shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses, 100 percent UVA and UVB protection with little (if any) distortion, and T-Shell lens coating to resist scratching in some of the most extreme environments.

If there are particular lenses that you would like to use (like prescription lenses), you can also easily switch out the included lenses for your custom lenses. Finally, the Wiley X Vapor line comes in frame colors like matte black and tan and lens colors like clear, smoke grey, and light rust.

The Wiley X SG-1 line can also be an attractive option. These frames are nice in that they can convert from a regular frame to a goggle (and vice versa). They also come with a goggle strap that can clip in place, giving you the security that your motorcycle sunglasses will stay secure on your face. These sunglasses are also durable.

They meet many safety standards and are ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified. You can find this pair of motorcycle sunglasses in matte black and with different types of lens colors (like smoke grey). Ultimately, this is a great choice if you are searching for a pair of motorcycle sunglasses that gives you the most optionality.

Wiley X isn’t the only manufacturer that makes great motorcycle sunglasses for smaller faces. You can also take advantage of motorcycle sunglasses made by 7Eye. 7Eye, like Wiley X, is another well-known name in the eyewear world.

As for particular models, you may want to check out the 7Eye Briza. The Briza is a high-quality pair of motorcycle sunglasses that can be an attractive choice for wearers with small faces. Along with this size benefit, the Briza features its well-known Airshield Technology that can provide a complete, 100 percent seal around your eyes.

Not only will the sunglasses fit snugly on your face, but this Airshield Technology can protect your eyes from things like dust, wind, and other airborne irritants. Ultimately, the closed-cell foam material that is part of these motorcycle sunglasses is unaffected by weather and is resistant to sweat and grime.

Just in case you are concerned about durability, this model is ANSI Z.87.1 approved. It comes in frame colors like glossy black and sunset tortoise and lens colors like gray and copper.

If the 7Eye Briza doesn’t speak to your style, you may also want to check out 7Eye Cody line. This line of 7Eye motorcycle sunglasses does not contain Airshield Technology, but it can still provide great protection from the sun and flying debris.

Along with its protective qualities, the 7Eye Cody has a plastic frame, clear lines, and simple styling. Because it is light, the Cody line can be a comfortable fit when you are riding down the road. Like the Briza, the Cody frames are offered in darker colors (black carbon and black tortoise).

From the Briza, the 7Eye Whirlwind can be a compelling choice for motorcyclists with small faces. Like the Briza, the 7Eye Whirlwind features 7Eye’s protective Airshield Technology that can make for a much more comfortable ride. The orbits of your eyes are 100 percent protected so you can focus on enjoying your road rather than worrying about whether you are seeing everything on the road.

Compared to the Briza line, however, the Whirlwind is slightly more pleasing on the eyes. You can still take advantage of 7Eye’s Airshield Technology while taking advantage of a more minimalist look. The frames come in glossy black or gray tortoise.

Protecting Your Eyes While On The Road

At Rx-Safety, we are proud to present you with many different options when searching for motorcycle sunglasses. That said, we are different from other eyewear retailers in that we specifically carry motorcycle sunglasses for shoppers who have smaller faces.

Because of this, we encourage you to take a look at the selections above and our collection as a whole. Consider all of the features and benefits within each frame and come to a reasoned decision. By doing this, you are sure to find a pair of motorcycle sunglasses that not only properly fits your face, but protects you from the sun and other flying debris when you are on the road.

If you have any questions about our collection of motorcycle sunglasses, we encourage you to contact us. To find our contact information, click here.

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