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The Top 4 Motorcycle Riding Glasses For Daytime And Nighttime Riding

As we enjoy peak motorcycle riding season, it isn’t uncommon for you and your motorcycle riding comrades to find yourselves more interested in procuring additional riding gear and accessories. And whether you are a brand new motorcycle rider or a seasoned veteran with years of experience out on the open road, you may find yourself in the market for some new riding glasses. Naturally, functionality and versatility or two huge priorities for motorcycle riders. If you are looking for eye wear options that offer optimum clarity and protection for all riding conditions, whether it is bright and sunny or low-light and overcast, you have come to the right place! In this post, we will take a look at the top four motorcycle riding glasses of 2017 that are perfect for both daytime and nighttime riding.

  1. Birds Eye Wear Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Though they are not designed solely and specifically for night riding, the clear lenses that are included with these glasses make them an excellent option for riding at night. But it is actually a good thing that these motorcycle riding glasses are not strictly for motorcycling at night. They are an outstanding, multi-purpose eye wear option and are equipped with several lens color choices including clear (for night) and tinted and yellow for daytime riding. The yellow lenses do a particularly exceptional job of promoting greater clarity when riding in overcast situations. These glasses are built with foam padding to provide an extra level of snugness, security, and comfort. The padding also ensures greater protection against dirt and debris as well as harsh winds and other elements. Aside from versatility, these riding glasses offer an edgy, sleek style that both men and women love. The thick black frames are fashionable, yet ultra durable. In addition to strong frames, the glasses are constructed with lenses that offer a few attractive features. Each one of the lenses comes with an anti-fog coating and they also have a UV rating of 400!
  2. Choppers Night Driving Motorcycle Glasses: Although the words night driving are placed right in the name of these motorcycle glasses, they also work well for riding in bright, sunny daytime conditions. However, this eye wear option tends to beat out others when it comes to riding glasses that prioritize safety and protection against hazardous elements that often are present during nighttime riding. Though they are properly padded, they still offer ventilation in order to thwart fogging from occurring on the lenses. The frame is sturdy, yet won’t irritate your face when riding for long hours. Lastly, the lenses offer distortion-free features, making the glasses a great option for optimum clarity when riding during the day or in the late evening hours.
  3. ANSI Safety Riding Glasses For Cycling: These safety glasses have been quite a popular option for riding for several years now. The ANSI Safety Riding Glasses For Cycling (created specifically for motorcycle riding) are built with a foam cushion on the top of the frame to absorb sweat and stop any debris from entering the eyes. The foam cushion also protects the eyes from strong winds, insects, dirt, dust, and other pesky, potentially dangerous particles. In addition to a comfortable, sweat-proof foam cushion, these motorcycle riding glasses also offer a rubber nose as well as earpieces to offer a more secure grip and firm fit. Though these riding glasses are constructed with extra safety features that we mentioned above, the frames remain incredibly lightweight and sit comfortably on the rider’s face. Riders never have to worry about frames that are too tight or loose enough to slip down the face while riding. The frames are built to prioritize flexibility, adjustability, and security. These glasses come with multiple lens colors to choose from including clear, smoke, and yellow lenses for nighttime riding.
  4. C & G UVB Glasses: A big part of what makes these motorcycle riding glasses a favorite among many riding enthusiasts is the value of this purchase. You don’t just get one pair of riding glasses; you get three. Within the set, you get three pairs of eye wear: glasses with smoke lenses, glasses with high-definition lenses, and glasses will silver Revo. And having this variety of options means that you can ride in virtually any weather condition and any lighting condition in any season. Naturally, you want to make sure that there won’t be a torrential downpour on the day you decide to ride and it is always a wise idea to check the forecast before pounding the pavement. But other than taking these basic, preventative measures, you can enjoy riding during bright sunny days, at dusk, or even at night. In addition to multiple lens colors to offer greater versatility, the frames are built with soft padding to add extra security, a stronger grip, and better comfort. Though the fit is snug and designed to combat any potential slippage or looseness, the soft, cushioned padding is a great option for riders with sensitive skin.

Want to learn more about other excellent nighttime riding eye wear options? Or are you looking for more versatile options for multiple riding conditions? You can reach out to us today, check out our official website, or keep reading our other blog posts for more free resources! We specialize in helping motorcycle riders find high end motorcycle riding eye wear that offers edgier style, better quality, more protection, and optimized clarity during those long trips on the road.

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