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Why Do I Need Transition Glasses While Riding My Motorcycle and What Are the Benefits?

What is more freeing than riding a motorcycle? The wind is blowing around you, the engine is underneath you, and the experience is like no other – especially if you are a motorcycle enthusiast.

If you ride a motorcycle, then you know how important it is to have the proper eyewear. Whether it’s riding for pleasure on weekend excursions on the road or that you ride a motorcycle to and from work – your eyes have to be kept safe from dirt, dust, debris, and harsh light.

While you may be aware of transition glasses, you might be wondering, “Why Do I need transition glasses while riding my motorcycle and what are the benefits?” Here are a few reasons to consider making the switch to transition glasses for all of your motorcycle rides. Check out all of the benefits that make transition glasses a sure bet.

Convenience You’ll Love

Since transition glasses automatically change according to the light, you do not have to stop to change glasses, which really is an inconvenience. If you’re in sunny, bright light then a storm rolls in – they automatically adjust. If you are inside of a store with unnatural light and step outside into the sunshine, they adjust for that as well.

The unique thing is that this only applies to ultraviolet light so your lenses will not change in bright unnatural light like in a store. So if you are outside and it’s twilight and you walk into a brightly lit location, you won’t have to worry about the transition lenses suddenly darkening on you – they only do that in natural light.

Why have to stop and make adjustments when transition glasses do it for you? You’ll make better time and who wants to have to carry around extra glasses anyway?

Protection You Can Trust

No matter what kind of transition lenses you decide upon, every single one of them protect your eyes from UVB rays as well as UVA rays and the protection is 100% guaranteed.

The Choices and Options are Plenty

Transition lenses are available in two colors – gray and brown. Both colors work the same way and there is no difference in how they work, dependent upon the color.

You also have choices in states which include fully tinted, fully clear, and everything in between the two.

There are also plenty of coatings to choose from that will not effect how well transition lenses work. They work with a variety of designs and lens material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The transition lenses add no extra weight so choose whatever style you like.

Anti-reflective coatings are also a compatible option with transition lenses so again, you have so many choices when choosing the right ones for your needs and style.

Availability for Both Prescriptions and Without

Whether you wear prescription lenses or not, these are available for both. This makes it perfect for the motorcycle rider who wears glasses but still wants protection from harmful light that comes along with the open road.

Transition lenses have so many benefits that help you get the most out of your motorcycle riding experience. They allow you to sit back and relax while enjoying the ride in all kinds of weather and light situations. A stormy day suddenly transitions into a bright, sunshiny day? No problem. Transition lenses adjust along with the light so that you don’t have to stop and switch glasses.

Your eyes are one of the most, if not the most important part of your riding experience and transition lenses only make it easier to protect them with convenience and ease.

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