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Why Prescription Goggles are Great for the Myopic Adventurer

Most of us remember the old schoolyard policies revolving around proper treatment of kids with glasses. While no one is allowed to hit them, they’re also not allowed to do the fun dangerous stuff like jump from the monkey bars for fear of breaking their expensive but necessary eyewear. For people with myopia or severe hypermetropia¬†(near and far sightedness), life has been a long chain of constantly asking ourselves ‘will this break my glasses?’. If something looks like a lot of fun, we then get to decide whether or not to take off the glasses and ‘fly blind’ for a little while in order to do things like ride roller coasters , go swimming, or play sports. However, as adults we have the ability to invest in our future happiness and get prescription goggles in a variety of designs that will open up entirely new avenues of fun and adventure usually reserved for people with better vision.

Creative Prescription Solutions

The problem lies in the balance between caution and adventure. Just because someone wears glasses, even really thick ones, doesn’t mean that they’re not adventurous or brave. That said, people are pretty creative and we’ve seen a lot of interesting solutions from people who were doing the best with a standard pair of glassses. The tether is often tried, which secures to the earpieces and can either hang in a teacherly fashion around your neck or be pulled tightly behind the head to pretend the glasses are goggles. This works right up until it doesn’t and an activity is too vigorous (or too sweaty), causing the tether to slip loose. Really big shades over your glasses can lock them into place for a while but adds extra weight to the nose and must eventually be switched out. Even prescription sunglasses, great for driving and calm family outings, still have the ‘flies off the face’ problem for real activity.

When Contacts are a No-Go

If you wear glasses, one of the constant questions you have to deal with is “Why don’t you just switch to contacts?” Often followed by “I did”. Yes, that’s great, congratulations but contacts don’t work for everyone. Some people can’t stand having anything in their eye, some are also fighting allergies that make contacts a nightmare, and even with soft-lense technology advancing, some people have prescriptions that simply cannot be turned effectively into contacts. So while the ‘advice’ was surely well meaning, thanks but no thanks. We need another solution.

Playing Sports

Perhaps the biggest cause of activity based glasses damage, sports are something that every child and adult with glasses has to make a personal decision about. To risk the frames or forgo the sport? Sports are inherent to the human condition, and every known society throughout history has had a few. This makes resisting a desired sport incredibly difficult. Even fairly sedate sports like baseball pose that one-in-a-million chance that today the ball will hit your face, and you can just forget about the more active and contact-heavy sports like soccer, basketball, and hockey. This is the first great category in which to apply new prescription goggles because they can’t be knocked off your face or shattered! No matter how many baseballs or elbows to the side of the head occur, you remain able to see and worry-free. Even the occasional head-first tumble into the turf has only the usual concerns about scraped knees and quick apologies.

Rock Climbing and Ropes Courses

To climb or not to climb? From rock climbing camping trips to summer camps and corporate retreats, there are many amazing opportunities to get really high up above the ground and do some crazy fun stuff. These activities are even glasses-safe if your specs are fit tightly and don’t usually fall off. Of course, if you do go up glasses on, the entire experience is plagued with that one terrifying thought: “What if they fall off while I’m up here? Will I ever find them again?” and the same question goes for roller coasters as well. But if you decide to play it safe, you lose one of the primary appeals of climbing and ropes courses: the spectacular view at the top. Naturally, prescription goggles are the answer to this one as well. When your glasses can’t fall off, you can climb anything you want.

Swimming and Water Activities

The most well known and universal glasses conundrum. The problem with swimming is that you want to take off your glasses, along with your non-bathing-suit clothes, watch, extra jewelry, and everything else normal people take off before jumping in a pool or the ocean. Of course, now you can’t see your friends clearly, swim out too far, participate in swimming scavenger hunts or examine the beautiful ocean floor. There are special sealing waterproof prescription goggles exactly for this purpose that will act like normal swimming goggles, only you’ll be able to see.

Riding a Motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, you take your life into your own hands and it’s exhilerating. Testing your speed, leaning into the turns, and working hard to stay clear of dangerous obstacles or unsafe other drivers is a joy as you ride the night time city overpasses or road trip with nothing but your packed saddlebags. However, wind, rain, bugs, and random particles are all a problem and normal motorcycle glasses or goggle are inconvenient to try and fit over your everyday prescription pair. It was for you and those like you, the myopic with adventurous spirits, that prescription motorcycle glasses and goggles were developed, bringing you the freedom to ride anywhere.

Prescription goggles are an amazing alternative, transforming you from the ‘Clark Kent’ of safe, reasonable activities into a goggles-wearing superhero capable of great feats of bravery and physical prowess. You can be strong, fast, daring, and have a blast doing it because prescription goggles allow you to get involved, see what you’re doing, and never again have to worry if something will cause those frames to drop or break.

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