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Why Transition Xtractive Lenses are Ideal for Motorcycle Glasses

For most riders, simply being out on your motorcycle is a unique joy, one that’s hard to explain to inveterate car drivers. The wind in your face and the tight control over your vehicle combine into an exhilarating experience or you can take a sedate drive through the countryside, able to enjoy the clean air instead of filtered AC. Of course, no matter how enjoyable it is to ride, there are also a certain collection of dangers that comes from being the smallest and least hardened vehicle on the road. Not only are other drivers a risk, but the environment can be as well. While you know to watch out for cold and wet weather which can cause fogging or hydroplaning, it’s also important to prepare for the sun.

The Rise of Transition Lenses

When you go driving in the bright daylight, everything is conveniently illuminated by the big flaming ball in the sky but that doesn’t always mean that you can see more clearly, especially if you’re surrounded by trees or buildings. Many people find the constant flickering between direct sunlight and shadow to be at least a little bit blinding and when you’re riding a motorcycle, constantly switching in and out of shades simply isn’t an option. It’s no wonder that transition lenses have become so popular.

While the advertisements often feature people going in and out of buildings, nowhere are transition lenses more useful than when you’re out driving. Rolling under overpasses, driving during dawn or sunset, and dealing with a varied terrain can all result in a steady shift between light and dark driving circumstances.

The beauty of transition lenses, especially in your motorcycle glasses which cannot be changed on a whim while you’re driving, is that they are essentially two pairs of glasses in one. When the light levels are normal and muted as they often are indoors, the lenses are completely clear. However, when you step or drive into direct sunlight or a very bright region, the photochromatic (light-color) lenses will darken into classic gray or brown sunglasses, blocking just enough light to keep your eyes comfortable.

Then, when you drive into a large shadow where normally shades and pupil dilation would make it very difficult to see, your lenses clear up so that you can work with all the environment illumination available. This way, no matter where you drive or what the sun is doing, your motorcycle glasses are always adjusting to give you the best possible road visibility whether you need shades or clear lenses.

Adding Xtractive to the Formula

There’s no denying it, transition lenses were a total hit, better even than other recent glasses innovations like progressive bifocals or bendable frames. But the wheel of progress never stops and lens developers realized they could do even better. This is where the concept for Xtractive lenses came from, to make an even more effective, protective, and convenient adaptive lens for modern drivers. Where transition lenses are designed to protect your eyes from light, Xtractive lenses not only do this better, they will also protect your eyes from glare and UV radiation as well.

The first major improvement to Xtractive lenses is to make them darker. As the first adopters of transition lenses reported, the automatic shades feature is fantastic but sometimes they don’t get dark enough to provide as much light protection as the users wanted. Now, Xtractive lenses are able to darken more completely in direct sunlight and even semi-darken in very bright indoor settings to protect your eyes from strain.

Next, they realized that if you’re wearing your glasses as shades, naturally you need additional protection from the sun. The UV protection built into Xtractive lenses is designed to keep out the most harmful of the sun’s rays. UV is known to accelerate and even cause cataracts which can permanently damage your eyes.

Finally, Xtractive lenses address one of the biggest remaining dangers on the road: glare. When the sun reflects off damp pavement or, often even worse, the backs of other vehicles, the result can be blinding. Xtractive lenses. The ability to reduce glare as well as darken in response to intense light makes the Xtractive lenses much safer for almost any driving condition, even Saturday night sunsets when the light is bad and everyone seems to be driving a little more unstable than usual.

Transition Xtractive Lenses for Motorcycle Glasses

When it comes to choosing the right pair of motorcycle glasses, many people prefer to custom-tailor the features rather than buying a generic pair off the shelf. This is even easier to do if you wear prescription lenses and order prescription motorcycle glasses. However, whether you need visual correction or not, the enhanced transition shading features of Xtractive lenses are by far the safest choice for your next pair of motorcycle glasses. Out on the road, you need every advantage you can get and any situation that impairs your vision is one that could end in a disaster.

If you, like most people, have a hard time driving with the sun or intense glare in your eyes or constant flickering between light and dark environments, the transition Xtractive innovation could be exactly what you need to make driving a joy any time of day, not just when the sun is perfect and the roads are dry. whether your motorcycle is your primary vehicle or your weekend recreation, make sure your eyes are covered with the best protection possible.

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