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Wiley-X Glasses For Motorcycle Riding: Tips For Making Riding A Little Easier

Motorcycle riding glasses and goggles have certainly come a long away. You used to have to purchase huge goggles to place over your prescription glasses. This was very uncomfortable for riders, and it was not the best look either. When you wear prescription glasses and huge goggles that were not made for riding, it makes riding harder than it has to be. Whether you need to wear lenses with a prescription, or not, riding glasses are not as bulky as they used to be.

For motorcycle riders who require corrected vision, your standard sunglasses, riding glasses, or goggles may not always do the trick. Wiley-X glasses for motorcycle riding offer a variety of styles and features for those who need to wear corrective lenses. You can choose Wiley-X glasses that are sleek, with a unique capability to fit your prescription.

Eyewear technology has significantly progressed to levels that we did not expect them to go. Eyewear is certainly more interesting than it used to be, and they are more fashionable than they used to be. When it comes to lens types, they are thinner and lighter than they have ever been. You do not have to settles for riding glasses that have lenses that are too thick and bulky; we no longer have to settle for the “coke bottle” or “bug-eyed” look.

Goggles Or Glasses?

Some people would rather wear motorcycle riding goggles over glasses for a variety of reasons. The Wiley-X brand has goggles that will allow a variety of frames to fit behind the goggles if you choose to wear glasses and goggles together. Instead of choosing glasses or goggles that are made from a glass material, you should choose a polycarbonate material. Not only will you appreciate the safety aspect of polycarbonate glasses, but you will also appreciate how fog resistant these glasses will be.


Instead of choosing metal frames, you should choose frames that are made of nylon. If the metal frames ever become cold, your lenses will also be cold. If you are wearing glasses and goggles, you will likely be frustrated with the fogging that will occur when you have warm goggles and cold frames.


You wear riding glasses for your protection, right? When you wear these glasses on a daily basis, you will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but you will also protect your eyes from dust, dirt, sand, debris, etc. When your riding glasses are equipped with UV protection, you can reduce your chances of obtaining an eye disease. The right UV protection on your riding glasses will allow you to have a clear vision for a long time. We all want to have a clear vision for as long as we can, and when you choose riding glasses with the right protection, you will do your part in ensuring your eyes will be as strong as they can be for many years to come.

An Anti-Fog Solution

If you choose to wear goggles over glasses, you should ask your eye doctor about an anti-fog coating solution. When you use an anti-fog coating solution, you will rarely experience fogged goggles.

Wear Your Wiley-X Goggles As Often As You Can

You should wear your Wiley-X goggles as much as you can. When you are riding your motorcycle, the heat and the perspiration that your body generates will ensure that your lenses are kept moist. When you constantly remove your goggles, you will expose them to dry air and cold air.

Use Eye Drops To Keep The Moist In

If you have a problem with your lenses drying, you should try using eye drops. You want to make sure you have enough moist in your lenses, and eye drops may be able to do the trick.

Do Not Forget To Blink

This may seem obvious, but if you ride for a long period of time without blinking, you may experience moist lenses. If you start blinking on an occasional basis, you may experience less dryness in your lenses.


One of the best ways to prevent fogging in your goggles is to ensure your goggles are getting enough ventilation. Before you place your goggles on your face, you should make sure you check the goggles vents to make sure nothing is blocking the ventilation. If you find that anything is blocking the top vents or the bottom vents, your air flow will be prevented.

Not everyone likes to wear contact lenses. For many people, contact lenses can be frustrating and quite annoying. Not only can they tear, but they can also be a challenge to keep clean. Some people also find that contact lenses do not fit in their budget, and they would rather wear glasses.

When you ride your motorcycle, you need to have the best protection possible. Wiley-X glasses will be easy for you to get adjusted to, and you will have plenty of options to choose from. When you choose to go with the Wiley-X brand, you will find that you have many options to choose from. Isn’t it nice to have options?

How many pairs of eyes do you have? You have one pair of eyes, and you have to do your job in keeping your eyes out of harm’s way. You love riding your motorcycle and you should not put your love for your bike on the back burner because you need corrective lenses. When are you going to get your Wiley-X glasses for motorcycle riding?

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