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Foam Padding For Goggles: Bring The Comfort to Your Ride

Proper eye wear is vital to motorcycle riders. Many motorcycle riders use their eye wear to not only protect their eyes, but also to make a personal statement about their style. From sleek, cool riding jet black riding goggles to large, colorful goggles that ooze personality, style is important. However, style goes out the window if your goggles are painful or ineffective. One of the most vital aspects to goggle comfort is foam. There are two main options of foam padding for motorcycle goggles; closed cell foam and open cell foam.

Closed Cell

Closed cell foam is extremely strong while still being flexible. It’s lightweight and resists chemical and mold making it particularly useful in water prone environments. Closed cell foam also has low moisture absorption. Making closed cell foam does require more material than open cell, which tends to make it more expensive. Neoprene and polyurethane are two of the most commonly used closed cell foams. You’ll find closed cell foam used in Bobster Foamerz and Crossfire.

Open Cell

It’s simplest to think of open cell foam like a cushion or pillow. Open cell foam is soft and comprehensible requiring less material to construct.

While open cell foam is the more inexpensive option and works well as an insulator, it also allows water to easily penetrate. Bobster Cruisers and Invaders utilize open cell insulation.

For those looking for the best of both worlds, consider Bobster Night Hawk OTG or

Road Hog II which utilize both styles of foam.

For more styles and options, be sure to check out our website. Our numerous options ensure you’ll find the perfect protection for your eyes that oozes your personal style.

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