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Motorcycle Riding Glasses for Better Beach Rides

Summer days are the best days for long, laid-back bike rides. This is especially true if you’re ever able to slip away to the beach. After all, who wouldn’t love cruising alongside the big blue sea with the wind in their hair as they kick up sand behind them? 

Unfortunately, as fun as beach rides are, they can also pose a few problems. These issues are directly related to the sand and sun, and can make oceanside rides seriously dangerous. Therefore, it’s important to educate yourself on the potentially hazardous situations the beach may present, and then properly prepare and protect yourself from them.

In this article we will discuss ways you can protect yourself from the many dangerous situations presented by seashore rides so you can continue enjoying your summer without worry.

Invest in the Right Tires

Smooth street tires aren’t going to do much for you when riding on a sandy beach. Anyone who tries to head out into the sand with typical street tires is going to regret their decision shortly after when they find themselves stuck or tipped over.

Therefore, it is crucial that you invest in sand-appropriate tires before you head to the beach this summer. They will make all the difference when it comes to your control levels, making the ride much more fun and less stressful.

Find Your Balance

When riding a motorcycle in the sand, balance is everything. Without good balance, correcting small mistakes will be nearly impossible. Additionally, problems such as shaky handle bars and wandering are sure to appear if your balance is less than awesome.

To ensure you’re balanced as well as you possibly can be, ride standing rather than sitting. Use your feet to steer the bike by shifting your weight from one side to the other. This will help your keep the bike under control in order to avoid the bike controlling you.

Use Bursts of Power

By using small, short bursts of power to propel yourself forward, you will be much less likely to become stuck in the sand. Additionally, it is important to note that the clutch should not be slipped, as this practice will be pointless. Instead, simply give that small burst of power, drop the clutch, and then quickly reduce the throttle in order to give the bike time to gain traction.

Help Your Bike Out

If you find yourself digging a hole in the sand and getting absolutely nowhere, the first thing you must do is stop spinning your tire. If you keep spinning, the hole will only continue to grow until it’s virtually impossible to get out of. After you stop spinning the tire, remember the steps above and use them while simultaneously getting up off of the seat and moving your body weight forward to give the motorcycle some extra momentum.

This method is quite effective and should get you going again fairly quickly.

Wear Safety Eyewear

Considering all the sand and salt in the air, the ocean is pretty hard on the eyes to begin with. Add in the bright sun reflecting off the sand, and the level of eye discomfort goes through the roof. Of course, this is all made worse when riding a motorcycle on the beach due to the additional sand being kicked out around you. Therefore, it is crucial that all motorcyclists use proper safety eyewear when riding on the beach.

Generally speaking, this means a high-quality pair of safety goggles or glasses that are properly tinted to protect the wearer from the sun. If the rider requires prescription eyewear, it is also important to ensure they are wearing safety glasses with the correct prescription in order to ensure their vision is clear.

Dress Appropriately 

No matter how soft and cushy a surface may feel under your feet, it isn’t going to feel that comfortable if you have a motorcycle accident. For this reason, it is crucial that you dress appropriately during each and every ride you take.

Dressing appropriately means wearing a helmet, long pants, and a protective jacket anytime you are on your bike. While this may seem like a crazy thing to do in the warm (and sometimes ridiculously hot) summer weather, it is a safety precaution that simply must be taken. Therefore, your swimsuit will have to be packed into a beach bag or worn under the more protective clothing you wear during your ride.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you head out into any high-traffic public areas, it is best to find a secluded, safe space to practice riding on the sand. This might prove a bit difficult to do, but if you are able to manage it, you will be a lot safer once you do head out into the more populated areas. While practicing, be sure to use the tips above and incorporate stopping, getting started, riding slowly, and finding that perfect balance. All of these things are much more difficult to do in sand, making them crucial parts of your practice session.

By using these safety tips along with a dose of good sense, staying safe during your summertime beach bike rides shouldn’t be a problem.

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