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The Care and Keeping of Your Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Owning and wearing a pair of motorcycle glasses is highly important, no matter who you are. Safety eyewear is essential to ensuring you are able to drive in a way that will keep both yourself and other drivers out of harm’s way. Additionally, riding without protective eyewear is illegal in many locations, and doing so will most certainly result in a ticket, if nothing else.

All of that said, if you are a person who requires vision-correcting prescription lenses, wearing motorcycle glasses may not seem feasible. After all, wearing a pair of bulky glasses or goggles over your prescription glasses isn’t very comfortable, nor is it practical. Of course, those who wear contact lenses can easily solve this problem by donning their motorcycle eyewear while wearing contacts rather than glasses. However, for those who cannot wear contact lenses, the solution is not so simple.

Luckily, there are prescription motorcycle glasses available to solve this exact problem. These glasses and goggles provide all of the same protection one would expect from any other set of protective eyewear, but include prescription lenses in order to give you the very best view of the road possible. Not only does this make riding more enjoyable, it also creates a much safer situation for you and everyone around you.

Unfortunately, while they are affordable, even discount prescription motorcycle glasses aren’t exactly easy on the wallet. This is because a lot of work goes into ensuring that the quality of these important pieces of safety wear is top-notch. After all, having your safety glasses fail during a ride could result in serious safety hazards.

Because of their rather large price tag, motorcycle glasses are not an item anyone wants to buy every few weeks. For this reason, and in order to help keep everyone safe during your rides, taking proper care of your glasses is highly important.

Since so many people have no idea how to properly maintain these important pieces of equipment, we have put together a set of instructions on how to properly store and care for your prescription motorcycle glasses.

Proper Usage

In order to avoid the potential of losing your glasses during a ride, safety eyewear should always be worn with a strap. In addition to ensuring they don’t fall off entirely, this strap will also keep the glasses tight, preventing them from slipping down your nose and becoming a distraction as you ride. A simple strap can be a huge help in using your glasses to their fullest potential and helping them live the longest life possible.


Polishing of your motorcycle glasses can be done with a soft, lint-free cloth made from a material such as microfiber or cotton. Use the cloth to gently rub away smudge in a circular pattern.

It is important to remember to avoid using abrasive materials (such as paper towels) to wipe your lenses. This will lead to small scratches on the lenses, which will hinder your ability to see clearly while wearing them. This, of course, could potentially lead to an accident and serious injury.


Sometimes lenses become so dirty that polishing with a cloth alone simply won’t cut it. In these cases, it may be tempting to reach for the window cleaner, as it seems logical that such a cleaner would leave your lenses streak-free and shiny.

However, window cleaner is actually far from the best option for cleaning your glasses. In fact, because so many lenses have special coating on them, window cleaner is one of the worst things you could use to clean your glasses, because the chemicals found in window cleaners actually eat away at these special coatings.

Instead of using window cleaner—or any other kind of chemical cleaner—reach for the dish soap. A simple, gentle cleaning with dish soap and warm water followed by a good rinsing will remove all smudges and dirt, leaving your glasses looking good as new. After washing, dry your glasses with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Alternatively, a good eyeglass cleaner such as the one included in this kit will get the job done anywhere without the extra rinsing step.


Scratches on glasses are never good. They can cause glare and obstruct the view of the wearer, defeating the purpose of wearing the glasses in the first place. Fortunately, some scratches can be dealt with at home and won’t require replacing your lenses.

If you find you have a scratch on your motorcycle glasses lenses and would like to try repairing the problem, try one of these remedies:

  • Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the lenses of your glasses. Rub in small circles for several seconds. After rubbing, rinse with warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Repeat until the scratch is no longer noticeable.
  • Create a thick paste using baking soda and water. Rub this on the lenses of your glasses in a circular motion. Continue rubbing for 30–60 seconds, and rinse when finished. As always, use a soft, lint-free free towel to dry your glasses.
  • Use a small amount of vehicle wax to polish your lenses and fill in any scratches. Do not rinse when finished; simply wipe away any excess wax.


It is not uncommon for the screws on glasses to become loose over time. Instead of scrapping the glasses for a new pair, simply tighten those tiny screws using a screwdriver such as the ones included in these kits. Often, a quick tightening will leave your glasses fitting as well as ever.


Of course, without proper storage, all of the maintenance in the world will not keep your glasses looking and feeling great. Therefore, it is important to remember to store your glasses in a case or pouch made especially for eyewear. Additionally, if you have pets or small children, you will want to store your glasses out of their reach in order to prevent damage.


With the proper care, your prescription motorcycle glasses will be looking great for years to come. Clearly, this is wonderful news because it means you can continue to ride safely and legally with your favorite glasses or goggles for quite some time.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start your proper care and maintenance regimen now so you can reap the rewards tomorrow?

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