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What Protective Gear Should You Wear for Safe Motorcycle Riding?

Riding your motorcycle is a thrilling adventure. From the sound of the motor cranking to the feel of the breeze on your back, riding is an awesome experience. You are one with nature with the wind in your face and the sun kissing your face. Yet, as you ride your bike this fall remember to put safety at the forefront of your priorities. Remember every motorcyclist is vulnerable to dangerous situations while out on the road. Every motorcyclist needs to take precautions to ensure the safety of all riders. One part of staying safe is simply riding carefully and responsibly. Another important aspect of keeping yourself safe is your riding equipment. The motorcyclist that outfits him or herself with all the necessary garb will be better suited to ride in safety. Just what type of protective gear is helpful for cyclists? Here are six recommendations below.


Even in warm weather, the right type of jacket will go a long way in protecting motorcycle riders on the road. While a leather jacket looks great too, it also serves as a buffer in case of an accident. The leather used for a motorcyclist’s jacket is different from the ones they wear for every day. It is made of a thick, durable fabric that provides more protection.


Wearing gloves protect the hands and wrists from injury. Leather gloves are usually the glove of choice. Many styles extend down past the wrist and cover an area of the forearm. This gives extra padding around the wrist. The gloves keep the hands warm when riding in cold temperatures. In addition, they prevent chafing of the hands in the event of an accident or suddenly stopping and they can give the rider a better grip on the handlebars.


Your feet and legs are close to the ground. Obtaining solid boots made of tough leather could help minimize leg injury. The boots that cyclists usually purchase for riding are durable yet flexible enough to allow ease of riding. Furthermore, special boots that are rubber-resistant and oil-resistant will give extra traction when your boots are on the motorcycle pegs. This is helpful for keeping a good grip while driving.


Some riders include motorcycle armor in their wardrobe. Armor consists of several varieties of foam such as soft, hard, or memory foam. You can get armored jackets or pants, which will have foam padding in the shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip areas. Additionally, you can purchase the foam protection for the chest and back. These foam pieces are worn under the clothing.


Helmets are mandatory in many places. Protecting the head is critical. Helmets have helped reduce the impact to the head in cases of accidents. Helmets come in vivid colors, which helps other drivers to see you better.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses are essential for motorcyclists. Your eyes are vulnerable to injury if they are not protected. The proper glasses can help you ride safer in several ways. They will aid in blocking out the sun, keep the eyes from the stinging wind, and protect your eyes from dirt, debris, and rain. These elements of nature can obstruct your vision making it more dangerous to ride. If you already wear prescription glasses, be advised that they are not protection for your eyes in any way. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain another pair of safety-tested motorcycle glasses. Regular glasses or sunglasses do not pass the safety standards for ANSI and are not adequate eyewear for riding your motorcycle. Wiley X safety glasses are a top pick for motorcycle riders for the following reasons:

Passes safety standards: Every pair of glasses pass the American Nation Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. That means they are superior in safety. ANSI puts glasses through several rigorous tests to ensure they will hold up under pressure and force. All adult premium Wiley X glasses have the ANSI seal of approval making them a leader in eyewear safety for motorcyclists.

Filters out the harmful rays of the sun: The Wiley X eyewear gives riders 100 % protection from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. In addition to that, these glasses ensure your visual experience is free from all distortions that sometimes occur with sunglasses.

Removable foam inserts: The Climate Control Series by Wiley X offers protective glasses featuring a removable foam facial cavity seal. This foam seal keeps the dust particles, dirt, and other debris away from the eyes.

Shatter-proof: As part of ANSI’s rigorous safety testing, Wiley X ensures their glasses are shatter-proof. This could potentially save your eyes in an accident. Glasses that would break could cut the face and eyes.

Riding your bike is one way to forget the cares of life. As you ride like the wind, you leave the world behind. When you cruise down the road, don’t forget to make safety a priority. Wearing motorcycle gear will give you added protection in times of need. Begin by selecting a pair of Wiley X safety glasses. Choose from among their different lines of eyewear including:

Each series offers different features. From the removable facial cavity to full goggles, there is protective eyewear to suit your taste and needs. Wiley X also offers a large variety of frame and lens colors so you can match your bike if you desire. For more information on Wiley X safety glasses for motorcyclists, connect with us today!

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