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When You Need the Darkest Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses

Finding the right motorcycle glasses is as much about style as it is about function. Sure, you have to make sure that you can see clearly as you conquer the road alone or with your group. But at the same time, they also have to look just right to fit your preferences and preferred style.Finding that balance can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what direction to go in. To make matters even more complicated, you also have to account for the situations in which you will actually ride your motorcycle.That brings photochromic glasses into the equation. In many ways, they’re the perfect option for motorcycle riders. They automatically adjust their shade based on the light outside, helping you always see clearly without having to bring a separate pair just for the sun or night driving. Add to that a significant style component, and you might just have found the perfect fit. Here’s a tip: whenever possible, go for the darkest photochromic motorcycle glasses.

What are Photochromic Glasses?

First things first: before you can decide whether or not you need photochromic glasses on your next bike ride, you have to understand what they actually are. The word surely doesn’t give it away. So let’s start with a basic definition of the concept.

Merriam-Webster defines the term as “capable of changing color on exposure to radiant energy (such as light).” If you think that sounds oddly familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, when it comes to eyewear, photochromic glasses just refer to the general term that one brand has made famous: Transitions lenses.

Yes, these are the glasses that change their tint every time the brightness of light that falls on them changes. Chemical processes occur during exposure to UV light, causing the light to go darker. When the sun goes away and it gets dark or cloudy, the glasses become brighter again.

It’s a simple process, but one that has gained rapid popularity across different types of eyewear. The reason is simple: at their darkest, photochromic lenses are essentially sunglasses. In other words, and especially if you need a prescription, these lenses offer you the opportunity to get both regular glasses and sunglasses in a single pair.

Why Do Photochromic Glasses Matter for Motorcycles?

All of the above sounds great in theory. But does it really matter as it pertains to riding a motorcycle? The good news is that it absolutely does. In fact, this type of lens, inserted into the right glasses, could not just improve but transform your riding experience. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Almost every pair of prescription motorcycle glasses can be enhanced through photochromic lenses. In other words, even the most stylish pair that you need for a good summer ride can be enhanced through the ability to turn into sunglasses on a moment’s notice.
  • If you go out for a ride on a cloudy day or even shortly before dark, you never know what to expect. Will you have to deal with the sun or not? The answer depends on the given day. With photochromic lenses, you don’t have to guess. The same pair will work just as well for either scenario.
  • When are you most likely to forget your glasses? Let’s be honest: it’s if they don’t seem convenient, comfortable, or you’re not a fan of their style. Through all of these things out the window when it comes to photochromic lenses. Instead, get one pair that fits your style and is convenient no matter what.

These (and many more) are the reasons why photochromic lenses can be so beneficial when you’re looking to ride your motorcycle. And yet, even once you realize this fact, you still have an important decision to make.

Are Your Glasses Dark Enough For Your Riding Needs?

The sheer popularity and function of this lens type has made it almost a blessing and a curse. You can now choose from so many options that you might not know which are the best for your needs and preferences. Lenses can turn grey, brown, or black. Which actually benefits you most as you ride your motorcycle? The answer ultimately depends on what you enjoy the most, but pay special attention to how dark the lens can get.

The darker the lens, the more its protection from UV light and bright sunrays on a hot day. The result is significantly less potential damage, both to you and your motorcycle. Stop worrying about the sun making things difficult to see, taking away from your entertainment and safety. Instead, enjoy the ride to its fullest.

Importantly, the darkest photochromic motorcycle glasses are not necessarily dark all the time. Remember, these lenses adjust to the light at a given moment. So don’t worry about not seeing enough when the sun goes away. Instead, enjoy the full spectrum of light and shadow as you take your bike for a joyride.

How to Find the Darkest Photochromic Glasses Available

In short, you need photochromic lenses, and they should be dark. That, in turn, leaves a final and perhaps the most important question: how can you actually find the glasses that suit your needs to the fullest and allow you to maximize your enjoyment and safety?

The answer ultimately depends on your needs. Look for online merchants, because they tend to have a larger array of options. That, in turn, ensures that you can find a dark pair of glasses like the Transitions Xtractive, lauded throughout the industry for their potential darkness.

At the same time, when you shop online, you have to pay attention to credibility. Don’t just buy from anyone; instead, do your due diligence through customer reviews and ratings to make sure that the website you buy from will actually manage your money well and get you exactly what you need.

Finally, don’t be afraid of returns. If the photochromic glasses you find aren’t dark enough, remember that you can return them. That way, you can make sure that you truly find the best and darkest pair of photochromic motorcycle glasses.

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