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Wiley X Glasses – Tops for Motorcycle Riding

With the availability of helmets that have half and full-face windshields, riders may wonder why they should also wear glasses. It turns out that as great as windshields are for protecting the face, they can’t do everything a biker needs them to do. Here are some of the benefits gained by adding glasses to your gear:

Extra Shielding Against Ricocheted Road Debris

This is especially important for those who use helmets without full windshields, but can be a sight-saver even when the shielding is there. This is because road rocks and other debris can fly up underneath a helmet shield, which typically sits at some distance from the face. Even if the rock doesn’t end up lodging in your eye, the pain of something flying into your eye can make you wipe out – and at high speeds, this can cause extreme injury or even death.

Wiley X glasses for motorcycle riding have foam insulation around the sides. This ensures that debris cannot get past the frames to hurt you. Even better, they work even with helmets that have no shields. With these glasses, you can enjoy the wind in your face without worrying about something flying into your eye and blinding you.

Improved Visual Clarity

Being able to see where you’re going isn’t just a matter of keeping rocks out of your eyes. If you need a prescription to bring everything into focus, you’ll be glad to know that some Wiley X styles can be custom-ground to meet your requirements. The company makes styles that work with full-face helmets as well as ones that are meant to be worn alone, so you can get the visual clarity you need regardless of your other gear.

Block the Brightness and Glare with Sunglasses

Riding into the sun looks adventurous in movies, but in real life, it can be torturous. With motorcycle sunglasses, you’ll never have to choose between painfully forcing your eyes open or stopping and waiting until the sun is no longer in front of you. Choose from a variety of tints to meet your tastes and shading requirements. You can also get Transition lenses, which become clear in dim light but turn dark when it’s bright outside. These are great for riders who don’t like to take all of their external gear off when they go inside somewhere.

Motorcycle sunglasses don’t just block the sun. There are styles meant to work with both open-faced helmets and shielded headgear. You can also get them with or without a prescription. This gives them the versatility they need to go with you on every ride.

Why Wiley X?

Wiley X glasses are high-impact safety glasses, but have the stylish looks of modern eyewear. They can absorb impacts from road debris without any trouble – in fact, many models are made so tough that they can resist the force of ricocheted bullets! Some of their styles include foam or other barriers at the sides, which is very important when the goal is to keep all debris away from the eyes regardless of its angle of approach.

Sunglass versions add the perfect tints needed to block UV rays, glare, and excess light without causing distortion. Finally, they can be made with or without prescriptions, so if you need vision correction to see well, you don’t have to settle for some other kind. Together, these benefits make Wiley X’s range of glasses perfect for motorcycle riding.

These are just some of the benefits of adding Wiley X glasses to your standard motorcycle gear. Another is simply their good looks. People will definitely know that you have everything taken care of when they see you in your sleek glasses and other equipment.

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