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Riding in the Rain: 10 Tips for Wet-Weather Bike Rides

Not very many people enjoy riding their motorcycles in the rain. In fact, there may not be anyone who prefers wet weather during their bike rides. After all, there is nothing quite so uncomfortable as the rain beating down on your skin as you squint to try to see what is coming around the next bend. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also quite dangerous.

Unfortunately however, there are times when getting from point A to point B is necessary whether it is raining or not. If the only transportation available is a motorcycle, you might just be stuck riding in the wet weather. That said, there are a few things you can do in order to make your wet-weather ride as safe as possible.

Make Wise Decisions

Although it is possible to ride safely in the rain the majority of the time, there are a few instances when going for a ride should be avoided at all costs.

For instance, riding when lightning is nearby is never recommended due to the risk of being struck. It is also best to skip the ride altogether if it is extremely windy due to the increased risk of falling horizontally. Finally, if the rain is coming down in sheets, making it impossible to see even at a standstill, the ride simply must be put on hold.

Watch for Slick Spots

Manholes, train tracks, and even the paint on the road can become incredibly slick during wet weather. Additionally, spots of oil tend to come to the surface of the road during rain, creating “rainbows” on the road that are hazardous to drive on. Avoid riding over these slippery spots whenever possible.

If you must go over a particular slick spot, take it slow and keep your bike wheels straight.

Be Defensive

Because of the increased danger during rainy weather bike rides, it is highly important that riders be very alert and aware of their surroundings, and drive defensively. This means 1) leaving more space between you and the car in front of you, and 2) braking gently.

Go Around Puddles

Puddles can be incredibly deceiving. While it might seem fun to ride through a puddle, making the water spray up around you, it won’t be quite so fun if you discover the hard way that the puddle is two or three feet deep.

Grab a Rain Suit

There are a great many rain suits on the market that are made specifically for bikers. When purchasing your own suit, you will want to look for one that is likely to keep you relatively dry and warm. This might include tight-fitting cuffs, rain flaps over the zippers, and a waterproof membrane. You will also want to seek out a suit in a bright color in order to make yourself as visible as possible in adverse weather conditions.

Don the Right Boots

Riding a motorcycle with your feet low to the ground and taking the brunt of the spray coming up from the road can make for some pretty wet and cold feet when it’s raining. Instead of suffering with ice-cold feet during your outing, find some high-quality boots with a waterproof gusset and membrane to keep your feet nice and dry.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Because rainy bike rides are certain to leave you feeling at least a little bit damp, your undergarments are just as important as your outerwear. You will want to wear clothing that is both insulating and moisture-wicking in order to keep your skin warm and dry.

Fleece and wool are both good fabrics to use for this purpose. Therefore, items like wool socks, a fleece pullover, and a wool scarf are must-haves for this purpose.

Get Some Gloves

Going for a motorcycle ride in the rain without a pair of gloves is just asking for trouble. Cold hands make it difficult to control your bike. Additionally, they can be quite a distraction, taking your mind off the road and setting you up for trouble.

A high-quality waterproof membrane is needed in order for a pair of gloves to be effective. Gloves which add this membrane to the outer layer using a sort of lamination process are even better.

Always, Always Put on a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is always an important part of a safe motorcycle ride. However it becomes even more important during a rainstorm. In order to ensure you are as safe as possible, grab a high-quality helmet and put it on properly before heading out in the rain.

Consider Your Eyewear

Of course, being able to see is a crucial part of safe riding. Unfortunately, rain can make it quite difficult to see properly while riding a motorcycle. In order to combat this issue, it is important to invest in some high-quality motorcycle eyewear. While a pair of safety glasses might be your go-to eyewear in good weather, most people prefer foam-seal, anti-fog goggles for use during rainy weather. These will help keep rain out of your eyes and also prevent fogging, which can hinder your ability to properly see the road.

If you are looking to order a pair of goggles in order to be prepared for your next rainy weather bike ride, we hope you will have a look around our shop. We have a wide variety of great motorcycle glasses and goggles to choose from, and we know you will find just what you need right here.

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