JUL 13

Darkest Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses: The Transitions XTRActive

As a motorcycle rider, you will probably find a significant amount of joy in just being outside on your motorcycle, and this type of excitement and joy is something you will not be able to explain to your ingrained car driver friends. You love how the cool breeze hits your face and how you have […]

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JUL 11

6 Underrated Considerations for Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses

You know that safety is key. You already know that, when it comes to your prescription motorcycle riding glasses, you need to make sure that you get the exact lens you need to make you see as clearly as possible. But you might not know that this is far from your only consideration. In fact, […]

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JUL 09

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses Largest Complaints Customers Have

For anyone who wears prescription motorcycle glasses, we are sure there are a number of complaints that you may have about the glasses. One of the largest complaints that you may have is that the prescription motorcycle glasses are hurting your eyes. Many riders become increasingly frustrated with their glasses. Some other complaints that other […]

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JUL 06

6 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Get Fitover Motorcycle Glasses

If you are a big fan of motorcycle riding, then you’re not alone. This time of year thousands of other cyclists will be joining you on the highways to take their bikes for a ride. Many people use their motorcycle just for pleasure riding, while others use them as an inexpensive way to get around […]

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JUL 01

Do Not Forget Your Anti-Glare Night Motorcycle Glasses

One of the most thrilling and enjoying experiences you will have as a motorcycle rider will come at night. Riding your motorcycle at night as an incredible experience that is also highly stimulating as you slice and dice your way through the quiet night. As you make your way through the night, you will be […]

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JUN 28

Day Night Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Do You Have Your Pair?

As an avid or newbie motorcycle rider, you are going to need as much protection as you can get because there are various hazards on the road. You already wear the right gear, you use the helmet that fits best, and you are always cautious of other drivers on the road, right? However, there is […]

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MAY 25

Progressive Lens Motorcycle Glasses

Riding a motorcycle gives unique challenges to your eyes, so you need to wear glasses that are made to address them. This improves safety, extends your stamina, and makes your ride more comfortable in many ways. Here are some of the things you can do to meet the visual challenges of riding and how they […]

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MAY 18

Wearing Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Are you a motocross fanatic who is looking for the perfect pair of prescription motocross goggles? Are you a little worried that purchasing a pair of prescription motocross goggles alone may not be the best decision because you cannot actually try them on? Well, we want you to take a deep breath and get that […]

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MAY 07

Darkest Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses

We know that people who wear eyeglasses are not all the same. There are so many differences among the uses of eyeglasses and the lifestyle of eyeglass wearers, and this will result in a variety of needs. Glasses are personal and everyone who wears glasses should be able to wear the pair of eyeglasses that […]

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APR 30

Top 6 Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

Motorcycle riding is a popular way to commute from one place to another. And more importantly, riding a bike is a way that many people unwind and relax. While many people may ride their bikes for pleasure during the day, some people enjoy riding at night. In fact, some people may need to drive their […]

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