APR 23

Light Adjusting Motorcycle Glasses

Riding your motorcycle is great year round, but it is especially exciting as the weather turns warmer. With the sunny skies and warm breezes, it makes cruising down those country roads or highways feel heavenly. However, there is one thing that can hinder a good ride – inadequate visual acuity. Whether it be from poor […]

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APR 12

New Lens Technology For Prescription Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses

Riding your motorcycle at night can be one of the best experiences you can have as a biker. It can be an invigorating experience to slice and dice your way through the darkness while enjoying the peace and quiet on the road. You can feel the nice breeze as you drive through the different streets, […]

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APR 05

5 Benefits of Prescription Riding Glasses with Inserts

When you ride your motorcycle, you need to be protected. That’s almost too obvious, especially when you start driving at higher speeds. While riding, you will have less natural protection than others on the road, so extra steps to protect your safety are absolutely necessary. But just how do you go about accomplishing that? A […]

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MAR 30

Transitions XTRActive vs Drivewear for Riding Glasses

Riding glasses are essential for eye safety. When a flying pebble impacts the eye at highway speeds, the result isn’t much different from getting hit in the eye with a pellet gun. It’s the principle of relative motion in action. Speeds add, so it doesn’t matter which is moving or which is at rest, the […]

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MAR 23

5 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, chances are you love to ride your bike as much as you can. That means riding in great weather and not so great weather. It also means that you love to take your bike for a ride during the night as well as during the day. In fact, many […]

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MAR 16

5 Top Prescription Glasses for Motorcycle Riding

For the motorcyclist, nothing quite beats going for a long ride on a warm day. Enjoying the countryside or cruising along the city streets are equally as exhilarating for the motorcycle enthusiast. The deep humming sound of the cycle combined with the fresh breeze whipping across your face makes for an awesome riding experience. Motorcycle […]

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FEB 16

The Five Best Glasses for Night Time Motorcycle Riding

Whether you find yourself riding home from work, going on a trip, or just having a good time, there is a chance you’ll have to do some riding in the dark. Especially as the days get shorter, you need to make sure you have the best possible motorcycle eyewear for the job. As you are […]

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FEB 09

4 Ideal Environments for Transition Motorcycle Glasses

They say invention is born of necessity. Any time a person needs something bad enough, they are likely to start trying to invent a tool that fits the purpose. this is how eyeglasses were invented in the first place, to help the nearly 50% of the population with less than perfect eyes. Necessity is also […]

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FEB 05

Why Transition Xtractive Lenses are Ideal for Motorcycle Glasses

For most riders, simply being out on your motorcycle is a unique joy, one that’s hard to explain to inveterate car drivers. The wind in your face and the tight control over your vehicle combine into an exhilarating experience or you can take a sedate drive through the countryside, able to enjoy the clean air instead […]

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JAN 26

How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging Inside a Motorcycle Helmet

For most people, riding a motorcycle is something they would do only very carefully and in broad daylight on dry streets. However, for the pros, hobbyists, and brave individuals form whom a motorcycle is your primary form of transportation, a little night time or rain certainly isn’t going to stop you from going place to place. […]

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